Tuesday 21 January 2014

Live C.H.U.R.C.H.!

√úbersetzung findest du hier.

Glory to God!

Alexander Blair spoke to us at the beginning of the year about 3 doors God is calling us to go through in 2014. Looking at 3 doors mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the Lord showed us that the 3 doors are the Door of Revelation (Rev 4:1) the Door of God's Favour (Rev 3:7,8) and the Door of Consecration (Rev 3:20). You can listen to the sermon here: Positioning yourself for 2014.

Two Sundays ago we had the privilege of having Elias Armenis with us. Elias is founder of Passage to Life, a ministry that reaches out to the poor, the homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes in Athens, Greece. In response to Elias' testimony and report, we joined together in prayer for the needy in Athens and Frankfurt and many went through the door of consecration as they committed themselves to be available to God to go out on the streets and reach out to the poor and needy with the Father's love. For more information on Passage to Life click here.

Last Sunday Richard Morschel spoke to us about what it means to Live C.h.u.r.c.h. Looking at Ephesians 4:15 and 16, we noted the following:
  • We are called to be a community that is Christ-centred.
  • We are called to be a community that lives holy lives.
  • We are called to be a community that lives in unity with one another.
  • We are called to be a community that lives in relationship with one another.
  • We are called to be a community that co-labours.
  • We are called to be a community that lives healthy lives.
You can listen to the sermon here: Christ paid the price so we can be one.

We also heard the testimony of a man who lives on the streets and was invited to come to the service last week. He reported that during the worship God touched him in such a way that he experienced electricity go through his whole body three consecutive times. Consequently he has stopped drinking and believes God has delivered him from alcoholism! Hallelujah!

Elizabeth Nehring and her team have begun their youth discipleship course that will run this year to train and equip our young people in their walk with God.

On Tuesday evenings, KLF will be offering various courses to equip the saints. At present Richard and  Frances Morschel are leading a 3-week course on praying for one another. For more information please contact Frances: office@kingdomlife-frankfurt.com.

We are excited about this coming weekend as we will have the privilege of having Francois Botes with us from Friday to Sunday for our Resonating Heaven conference. For more information on the conference click here.

KLF's  8-week discipleship course will be running from the first Saturday in February and will take place in the afternoons in German and English. If you are part of KLF and are interested in taking part in the course, please contact Frances: office@kingdomlife-frankfurt.com.

Upcoming events

8 February from 15:00 - 18:00: KLF Church Day
14.03 & 15.03: Recovering Lost Ground Conference with Richard Maybery

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Entering God's Best in 2014

Glory to God!

As we enter 2014, we believe that God wants us to enter His best this year. The Father gave us His Best in Jesus so that we can enjoy fullness of life in Him. However, there are things that hinder us from moving into God's best for us.

  • Fear of the unknown that keeps us in a "safe" place but is not necessarily God's best for us.
  • Fear of taking responsibility for our lives that causes us to depend on others to make our decisions for us.
  • Fear of making wrong decisions that stop us from making any changes.
  • Fear of rejection or loneliness that stops us from moving with the conviction of the Spirit.
  • Fear of failure that stops us from taking risks or experiencing the things of God that are beyond the familiar.
  • Dreaming without action.
  • Just waiting for God to act.
  • Not appreciating and not using one's God-given gifts.
  • Procrastination - putting off what one can begin with now.
  • Not completing what one has started - saying "I will do it" but either never starting or never completing what one has begun.
  • Pride - thinking of oneself more highly than one ought to stops us from seeking advice from the Holy Spirit, spiritual leaders and others.
  • Pursuing wrong goals stops us from entering God's best for us.
  • Acting apart from the Body of Christ stops us from entering God's best for our lives as part of the Church.
God does not want us to fear, nor does He want us to move forward independently of Him or His people. He commands us to be very courageous and to depend on Him as we move forward into His best for us this year (see Joshua 1).

Upcoming events

24.01-26.01: Resonating Heaven - prophetic worship conference with Francois Botes
08.02: Church Day - a day to be together and find out more about what God is doing at KLF
14.03-16.03: Conference with Richard Maybery