Tuesday 31 March 2020


Glory to God!

As we navigate through these challenging times, we are seeing how God has been preparing us for this season. Last year the Lord took us on a journey of transformation that led into 180 days of prayer for 180° reversal in our lives, our church, our city and our nation. We ended last year with God speaking to us about taking back what the enemy has stolen and launching us into 21 days of prayer and fasting to realign, refocus and renew our devotion to the Lord so that reversal can take place.

As we have embarked on this year, the Lord has given us the word: reconcile. In response we began our 6 week study of Danny Silk's book entitled, "Keep Your Love On!" with the purpose of strengthening our relationships, learning to communicate better and learning to establish healthy boundaries so that we continue to build a house of peace that is built on the foundation of love and acceptance and supported by the 7 pillars (love, honour, self control, responsibility, truth, faith & vision) that bring about lasting peace, hope and joy in our relationships.

Despite the disruption of Covid-19, God's purposes will be accomplished and what He has begun in us, He will bring to completion! Consequently, the Lord encouraged us a few weeks ago to depend on Him as our Provider and our Protector and to fix our eyes and minds on Him as we make Him our Priority.

With the present governmental requirement for citizens to avoid all social contact and to stay at home for the sake of managing the pandemic, we are looking at ways to help us as a church continue to be aligned to what God is saying to us as a church, to continue strengthening our connections and to continue seeking to be an influence in our city. For this purpose we are uploading a sermon every Sunday on to our website, a short word of encouragement from our leadership every Wednesday, posting a relevant Scripture and encouragement every Monday and Friday on our Facebook page, encouraging our people to stay connected, committing ourselves to pray every Wednesday from 19:00 - 20:00, and looking for possibilities to help one another and reach out to others. God is calling us to be zealous, intentional and practical so that we will come out of the present crises even stronger than when we entered it!

These past 2 Sundays, the Lord has been encouraging us to trust in Him and to allow change to give us a vision for a better future. In his message entitled, "Unshakeable" Richard spoke to us about the nature of trust and how God calls us to be unshakeable in times of shaking (Heb 12:25-29). We saw how trust is a choice and that God calls His children to trust Him, especially when we don't understand what is going on, or cannot see "backstage." Just as the Lord chooses to trust us as He has faith in the best version of ourselves, so the Lord wants us to trust Him and have faith in His goodness and faithfulness. On Sunday, Alexander shared a message entitled, "Vision for a better future" in which he showed us how God uses times of crises to bring about change as His people internalise change, align their speech to His Word and are willing to go through the process of change to bring about what the Father is doing in heaven on earth.

We praise our unchanging God that His Kingdom is unshakeable and that as we fix our eyes on Him and trust Him wholeheartedly He will help us to be unshakeable and filled with hope for a better future. Hallelujah!

Photo by Mario Álvarez on Unsplash

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Trusting God in uncertain times

Glory to God!

We had a powerful meeting on Sunday as we worshipped the Lord and declared Christ's authority over our land during these turbulent times. As we took our stand against fear and intimidation, we were filled with faith and the assurance that God sustains all things by the power of His word (Heb 1:3)!

Natalie then shared KLF's leadership's position and advice on how we want to move forward as a church in the next few weeks. You can listen to what she shared here: "Corona Epidemic Opportunities."

"Trusting God in uncertain times" was the theme of Richard's message in which we looked at how Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert for 40 days to be tempted by the devil (Matthew 4). Richard showed us that while we are required by the government to isolate ourselves that we must not be unaware of how the enemy will try to use these circumstances to place doubt in our identity as children of God and doubt in God as our Provider and Protector. We saw how the enemy tempted Jesus to provide for himself, put the Lord to the test as His Protecter and how the enemy wants God's children to be consumed with fear and thinking about the virus rather than having their hearts and minds on Christ in worship of Him. Richard encouraged us to dwell in the shelter of the Most High and to rest in the shadow of the Almighty as we feed on God's Word, abide in Him and fix our eyes on Him as our Refuge and our Fortress in whom we trust (Ps 91:1,2).

As we "honour the king" (1 Pet 2:17) and respect the requirements of the government, we will not be meeting during the week or on Sundays until further notice. All meetings are therefore suspended for the time being but we encourage everyone to make every effort to stay connected through the various avenues of communication available to us.

Let God be your Provider, your Protector and your Priority during these uncertain times!

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Keep your love on!

Glory to God!

In response to God's word to us for this year, we are looking at ways to put reconciliation into practice and are studying Danny Silk's book entitled, Keep your love on!" together as a church. Last week we began our 6-week study by preaching on key themes from the book, meeting together in small groups to discuss the book and encouraging one another to strengthen our relationships, improve our communication and learn to set healthy boundaries. We are excited about the enthusiasm and involvement of almost the entire church and we are confident that these 6 weeks will be extremely helpful for every one of us to learn to connect and love better.

Three Sundays ago, Alexander shared a message entitled, "The power of choice" in which he compared the lives of Jesus and Judas to identify what makes people live powerful and victorious lives or powerless lives as victims. Looking at how Jesus was intentional about His choices and how He took responsibility for every choice He made, we noted how powerful people live and serve others in humility to empower others. Conversely we saw how Judas lived a powerless life as a consumer that led to his turning his back on his Master because he himself became mastered by selfishness, disillusionment, disappointment and greed. Alexander explored the glorious truth that just as the believer is chosen by God, so every person has the power to choose God and others to be reconciled, connected and to keep one's love on.

Two Sundays ago, Richard encouraged us to make sure that we not only go through the book but that we use the 6 weeks to learn the principles in Danny Silk's book in such a way as to understand, relate to and apply the principles to our lives. In his message entitled, "The evidence of love" Richard showed us in John's first letter how John describes those who have received eternal life and what the evidence that accompanies salvation should be. In particular, Richard pointed out the difference between knowing about the Father's love and actually receiving His love in such a way that it influences one's life (see 1 Jn 2:15,16). Just as the apostle Paul rejoiced in seeing the fruit of the Gospel, so John's concern was that the Gospel was bearing fruit in the lives of the believers (see 1 Thess 1:2-10; 1 Jn 5:13). Richard then spoke to us about how love must replace fear in our relationships since perfect love drives out the fear of punishment (1 Jn 4:16-19; Lk 7:36-50).

Last Sunday, Frances spoke to us about the "Foundation of Healthy Relationships" as we looked at our core needs that can only be met in relationship. Frances showed us that the core needs of love and acceptance, security and significance that make up our identity were affected through the Fall leaving mankind with a void that can only be filled with God. We saw how God as a relational Being, created mankind for relationship and how we need God and one another to live godly lives in His image. Frances showed us how God satisfies our core needs and how we need to develop relational core values that help us strengthen our relationships.

We praise God for teaching us how to strengthen our relationships, improve our communication and build healthy boundaries as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and learn new tools to keep our love on. Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events

24.02 - 05.04: 6-week "Keep your love on" project
25.04: Seminar with Alexander Blair at Alt-Hausen 34
07.06: Baptismal service at 11:00 (location to be decided)
21.06: Joint summer celebration with CZF and Quelle des Lebens