Tuesday 30 December 2014


Glory to God!

Our Christmas musical, "Chosen!" was a huge success! It was wonderful to see 3 churches in Frankfurt come together to produce such a creative, dynamic, powerful and inspiring musical that was written, composed, danced, sung and performed by all our own people. Hallelujah! Even with the 4 performances at the 3 churches, we did not have enough space to accomodate all those who would have liked to see the musical and sadly many could not be admitted into the buildings because of security risks. The place was packed at our KLF performance and the atmosphere was electric. The performance was outstanding and the message was clear. As part of the event we took up a special offering to be able to put on a Christmas party for needy children in Butuan City in the Philippines that was to be organised by our sister church, Kingdom Life Butuan. Through the generosity of those present, we were able to bless more than 200 children with a wonderful party where they were given t-shirts, food, gifts and a whole lot of fun. It is such a blessing to bring joy to these precious children! Hallelujah!

On the 24th in the afternoon we had a special Christmas Eve celebration in our newly renovated church offices where we spent time together enjoying some traditional Weihnachts Stollen, worshipping God, giving thanks to Him and reflecting on the significance of Christ's birth. It was lovely to have both the adults and the children together as everyone contributed to our time together.

On Sunday Richard spoke to us about The Hope of Perfection which you can listen to here. Looking at 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 and 1 Peter 1:3-9, we looked at the following:

  • The Kingdom of God is perfect and everything in heaven or from heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:38; Romans 12:2; Hebrews 12:23; James 1:17; 1 John 4:18
  • The world in which we live is imperfect and has been subjected to imperfection until Christ comes again and all things are made new and perfect. Romans 8:18-27; Revelation 21:1-4
  • The believer lives in the tension of living in the imperfect but hoping for the perfect to be manifested both in the present and in the future. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1
  • When the believer has an unbalanced view of either the present hope or the future hope, s/he will either lose hope and consequnetly joy because perfection is not manifesting in the present or s/he will not expect perfection to manifest in the present until Christ comes again. Both extremes are unhealthy and can lead to either disappointment with God or a life without any expectation of the supernatural.
  • The apostle Paul dealt with the reality of the perfect in the context of imperfection by humbly recognising that we know in part but will one day know fully as we are fully known! 1 Corinthians 13:12
  • The assurance of not experiencing perfection in its fullness yet, is that we are known fully by God and have a certain hope for an inheritance that is perfection itself! 1 Peter 1:3-9
  • The believer's greatest joy should come from the hope of salvation, the hope of perfection when the old order of things passes away and God makes all things new! 1 Peter 1:8,9; Revelation 21:1-4
  • Glimpses of perfection in our imperfect world also give us great joy and the assurance of greater things to come but we must not depend on these glimpses for our faith to be strengthened. We walk by faith and not by sight. Our hope is in the present and future reality of perfection even if we don't see it. 2 Corinthians 5:5-7; Hebrews 11:39,40

We praise God for the glimpses of perfection He has granted us in 2014 and for even more in 2015 but most of all we praise God for the certain hope we have as believers who have received the Hope of Glory, the Hope of perfection, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Our Kingdom Life family prays you will have a blessed and fruitful year 2015 as you remain in Him!

Upcoming events

06.01. KLF Prayer Meeting @ Leipziger Str.60

Monday 15 December 2014

Abiding in the Father's love

Glory to God!

Yesterday's meeting was amazing! There is a distinct buzz of excitement amongst our people surrounding the preparation for this weekend's Christmas musical entitled, "Chosen!" After a powerful time of worship, we had the privilege of having Junior Robinson, a very well known gospel singer and song writer from England, minister to us with his own song, describing our dependency on the Vine to be all God has made us to be. Junior Robinson is in Frankfurt to prepare the singers from different churches in Frankfurt for the gospel choir that is part of the musical. It is such an exciting Kingdom project that is connecting the churches in Frankfurt to produce "Chosen!" to reach people with the message of the Father's love and to do it excellently, together for His glory!

David Rowe and Alexander Blair visited the Father's House Christian Fellowship in October. FHCF was led by the late Richard Maybery who was instrumental in the lives of many of our members and in the establishing of KLF. David and Alexander gave us a report of their visit, the people we are connected to and the ministries FHCF is supporting. These include Resilient Kids and Mercy Aids
as well as the Berean College in India which Richard Maybery founded. We are excited to see how God wants us to further be a part of what He is doing in and through the Father's House and to be connected across the globe to expand God's Kingdom.

Prem Christopher then brought a message on the Father's nature and love, looking at the parable of "The revelation of the Father's heart" as Prem called it, in Luke 15:11-32. Prem showed us the importance of understanding how the Father sees His children, how the greatest blessing is in
the abiding presence of the Father, how richly we are blessed in Christ and in the inheritance of all the Father has for us and that God wants us to celebrate with Him because we are now alive in Him! You can listen to Prem's anointed and very powerful message here.

Upcoming Events

21.12. Chosen - A Christmas Musical at 3pm at KLF (Eastsite 15).
24.12  Christmas Eve Reflection at 16:00 at Leipziger Str.60

Monday 8 December 2014

Birthing a Kingdom Community

Glory to God!

On Saturday our KLF leaders spent the day together at the Seminar Zentrum in Rückersbach. It was a great opportunity to encourage one another, have fun together and be further equipped to lead God's people.  We are so blessed to have such a great group of devoted lovers of God!

As one looks at what God has been saying to us these past weeks and months, it is clear that the Lord is preparing us as His people to birth a Kingdom community. On Sunday, Richard shared what a Kingdom community looks like. You can listen to the message here.

A Kingdom community is:

1.  A relational community
  • Everyone connected
  • Everyone in a caring relationship
  • Everyone feeling part of the whole - a sense of belonging
2.  A spiritual community
  • People of prayer, worship and the Word
  • People dependent on and led by the Spirit
  • Prophetic people
3.  A maturing community
  • People growing in the knowledge of God and Christ-likenesss
  • People growing in faith and love
4.  A healing community
  • A community of grace, acceptance, forgiveness and love
  • A community where people experience miracles, signs and wonders
  • A community where people receive healing 
5.  A generous community
  • People helping one another and going the exra mile
  • People giving beyond expectation with their energy, time and resources
  • People investing in the Kingdom
6.  An outward-focused community
  • People sharing the Good News and reaching the lost
  • People looking after the poor and orphans
  • People visiting prisoners
  • People praying for and reaching out to the Jewish people
7.  A creative community
  • People using their gifts to glorify God through drama, art, media, music, dance, literature, etc
8.  A serving community
  • People practically helping others in the church and the local community
9.  A multiplying community
  • Planting small groups and churches
  • Training leaders
  • Birthing and establishing God's Kingdom wherever we are
Understanding what God wants to birth in and through KLF, we are looking forward to this coming season as we continue to work together with God to become the Kingdom community He wants us to be. Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events

21.12. Chosen - A Christmas Musical
24.12  Christmas Eve Reflection at 16:00 at Leipziger Str.60

Monday 1 December 2014

Building the House of God


Glory to God!

On Saturday we had our open house day at our newly renovated KLF office in F-Bockenheim. It is a blessing to have such a centrally located meeting place for our mid-week meetings as we seek to influence the city of Frankfurt with God's Kingdom. The office floor now has a cosy coffee area, an inspiring larger room for prayer meetings, seminars and small group meetings, three offices, a kitchen and a rest room. It was fun having people pop round for coffee and cake and a chat on Saturday and we are looking forward to using the premises to full capacity as our people make the most of God's provision to us.

On Sunday, Richard began the meeting by sharing a few principles concerning worship. This is what he shared:

  • Worship does not begin with the worshipper. When we struggle to worship God, it is probably because we are trying to initiate worship.
  • Worship begins with God and is the worshipper's response to who God is, what He has done, is doing and will do.
  • The Father seeks worshippers and so He expects His children to worship Him with their lives.
  • The Sunday meeting is another opportunity to express one's response to God.
  • Worship cannot be passive. True worship always involves an engagement with God.
  • At KLF we expect people to engage with God in whatever manner they feel free to respond to God, whether seated, lying on the floor, standing, pacing, dancing, with arms raised or bowed down, etc. - the way we worship is not important but THAT we worship is important!

As we reflected on God's love for us and what He has done for us, we very quickly entered into a spirit of worship that truly honoured the presence of our King!

Worship in song flowed naturally as we responded to God's love and goodness which then led into a spirit of intercession as we responded to the Holy Spirit's guidance to pray for one another. It was a powerful time that the Holy Spirit was using to prepare us for the message that Alexander would bring. God's Word to us was encouraging, convicting and clear as Alexander spoke to us about our being a house of prayer (Mark 11:17). Alexander showed us that we must understand God's purpose for our lives, what we are called to be and do and to be obedient to these. It was a call to prayer, not because we must but because we are the house of prayer, the temple of the Holy Spirit, the habitation of our great Intercessor and High Priest, Jesus Christ! God is calling KLF to be fervent in prayer both individually and corporately. Let us be obedient to His call.

Preparations are well under way for our Christmas musical entitled, Chosen. The production will be performed on the 21.12 at CZF at 10:30 and at KLF at 15:00. Further performances will take place on the 24.12 at 14:30 and 16:30 at the FCG (Eckenheimer Landstr.180). All are welcome to come and are encouraged to bring neighbours, friends, colleagues and the like to not only experience an excellent Christ-centred production but have an opportunity to hear the Gospel in a way that is fun, convicting and powerful.

Upcoming Events

02.12. KLF Prayer Meeting at Leipziger Str.60
21.12. Chosen - A Christmas Musical
24.12  Christmas Eve Reflection at 16:00 at Leipziger Str.60