Monday 8 December 2014

Birthing a Kingdom Community

Glory to God!

On Saturday our KLF leaders spent the day together at the Seminar Zentrum in Rückersbach. It was a great opportunity to encourage one another, have fun together and be further equipped to lead God's people.  We are so blessed to have such a great group of devoted lovers of God!

As one looks at what God has been saying to us these past weeks and months, it is clear that the Lord is preparing us as His people to birth a Kingdom community. On Sunday, Richard shared what a Kingdom community looks like. You can listen to the message here.

A Kingdom community is:

1.  A relational community
  • Everyone connected
  • Everyone in a caring relationship
  • Everyone feeling part of the whole - a sense of belonging
2.  A spiritual community
  • People of prayer, worship and the Word
  • People dependent on and led by the Spirit
  • Prophetic people
3.  A maturing community
  • People growing in the knowledge of God and Christ-likenesss
  • People growing in faith and love
4.  A healing community
  • A community of grace, acceptance, forgiveness and love
  • A community where people experience miracles, signs and wonders
  • A community where people receive healing 
5.  A generous community
  • People helping one another and going the exra mile
  • People giving beyond expectation with their energy, time and resources
  • People investing in the Kingdom
6.  An outward-focused community
  • People sharing the Good News and reaching the lost
  • People looking after the poor and orphans
  • People visiting prisoners
  • People praying for and reaching out to the Jewish people
7.  A creative community
  • People using their gifts to glorify God through drama, art, media, music, dance, literature, etc
8.  A serving community
  • People practically helping others in the church and the local community
9.  A multiplying community
  • Planting small groups and churches
  • Training leaders
  • Birthing and establishing God's Kingdom wherever we are
Understanding what God wants to birth in and through KLF, we are looking forward to this coming season as we continue to work together with God to become the Kingdom community He wants us to be. Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events

21.12. Chosen - A Christmas Musical
24.12  Christmas Eve Reflection at 16:00 at Leipziger Str.60

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