Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Christ's Passion for His Church

Glory to God!

In this year of transformation, we are seeing how God wants to bring reversal into our lives, the Church and our cities. As we continue on this powerful journey of repentance during our 180 days of prayer for 180° reversal, we are seeing how God is revealing His love to us in an even greater measure. Just as the apostle Paul was compelled by Christ's love to lay down his own life to serve the Lord, His people and His purposes, so the Lord is stirring us to repentance and action as we grasp the depth of Christ's love for us.

We are excited about this season we are in where God is adding to our number, more young people are joining us, the church is getting together during the week, and different types of meetings are being organised for people to grow in their relationship with God and one another. 

Two weeks ago Tobias shared a message entitled, "The two sacrifices" in which he spoke to us about the difference between Cain and Abel's sacrifices. Looking at the account in Genesis 4:2-12, Tobias showed us how Abel's sacrifice foreshadowed Christ as the sacrificial Lamb of God, whom God would accept on behalf of mankind. Whilst Cain's sacrifice points to man's effort to attain righteousness apart from Jesus, Abel's sacrifice points to the righteousness that is found by faith in Christ's sacrifice. Just as God looked upon Abel and his offering with favour (Gen 4:4), so the Father looks upon His Son and His sacrifice with favour. Even though "by faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did" and "By faith he was commended as a righteous man, when God spoke well of his offerings. And by faith he still speaks, even though he is dead," the blood of Jesus "speaks a better word than the blood of Abel" (Heb 11:4; 12:24)! In response, Tobias' Life Group shared Scriptures and the Lord's Supper with the church that developed into a very precious time of worship that went beyond the conclusion of the meeting! God is stirring His people with His love!

On Sunday, after another powerful time in worship and sharing Communion together, Richard spoke to us about "Christ's passion for His Church." Looking at the seven letters to the seven churches as recorded in Revelation chapters two and three, Richard showed us that the reason Jesus wants His Church to overcome is because He is passionate about His people. Christ's Word to the churches reveals that He wants to be her first love (Rev 2:3-5); He wants His people to be with Him for eternity (Rev 2:10); He wants to confide in us (Rev 2:17); He wants to entrust us with authority (Rev 2:26); He wants to honour us (Rev 3:4,5); He wants to establish us in Him (Rev 3:11,12) and He wants to share everything with us (Rev 3:20,21). It is therefore not surprising that the apostle Paul prays that the Church would have the power to grasp "how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge" (Eph 3:18,19) because it should compel us to live for God, His people and His salvation purposes! Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events

Tuesdays from 19:00 - 21:00 - Bible Study at Alt-Hausen 34
27.11. from 19:30 - 21:00 - Church Prayer Meeting

13.01 - 02.02.2020 - Prayer and Fasting

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Monday, 21 October 2019

Encountering God

Glory to God!

During these significant 180 days of prayer for a 180° reversal, God is showing us how He brings about transformation in our lives, the Church and our cities. In these past 3 weeks, the Lord has been speaking to us through Richard's daily devotionals and the sermons on Sunday about His presence, holiness and worship.

In his message entitled, "Broken for empowerment", Alexander spoke to us about how God brings about character transformation as we encounter Him in His holiness. Looking at the account of Jacob's encounter with the Lord in Genesis 32:22-32, we saw how God had to break Jacob's dependency on himself so that he would learn to lean upon God. Consequently, Jacob received a new name that would usher him into God's destiny for his life. Similarly God calls believers into their destiny as they take hold of their new identity in Christ and leave the old behind.

Two weeks ago we looked at the account of how the Ark of the Covenant was captured by the Philistines and how it was restored to Israel (see 1 Samuel 4:1 - 7:2 & 1 Chronicles 13 - 15). In his message entitled, "Hosting God's presence", Richard pointed out the holiness of God's presence and our need to learn to revere God's presence, host God's presence and guard God's presence. Just as David prepared a tent for God's presence, so God calls the Church to be prepared to host His presence in the fear of the Lord so that He is glorified in true worship and so that His people can walk in the fullness of His blessing.

On Sunday we had another powerful meeting as the Lord took us from worshipping Him into Christ's victory. Consequently, the Lord ministered His victory to many who came forward for prayer to receive breakthrough in various areas of their lives. Richard then shared a message in which he asked, "Are you amazed?" Looking at the account in Mark 6:1-6 of how Jesus went to His hometown and how the people were amazed at first but as they viewed Jesus in the natural they no longer believed, Richard showed us how Christians can lose their amazement of Christ and of one another! We noted how the people lost their amazement of Christ as they stopped seeing Jesus as God sees Him, as they became over-familiar with Him, as they no longer honoured Him and as they took offense at him. Consequently they moved from amazement to unbelief! In order to guard our amazement of Jesus and one another, Richard encouraged us to see others how God sees them, to be thankful, to be merciful, to focus on the good and to honour God and one another. As the Church develops a culture of honour and resists the spirit of over-familiarity, God's anointing can flow through God's people and Jesus can do many miracles! Halleluja!

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Tuesdays from 19:00 - 21:00: Bible Study at Alt-Hausen 34
26.10 at 10:30: Paint and Worship at Alt-Hausen 34
30.10 at 19:30: KLF Prayer at Alt-Hausen 34

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Monday, 30 September 2019

The Glory of Christ!

Glory to God!

As a church, we are on a journey of repentance - 180 days of prayer for 180° reversal! During these days of prayer and reflection, God has recently been speaking to us about the nature and glory of the Church. With the daily devotionals that Richard is writing and what is being shared on a Sunday, the Lord is bringing reversal in our thinking as we align ourselves to God's Word and revelation. We are being encouraged, challenged and stretched as God transforms us with His presence, truth and power! Hallelujah!

A couple of Sundays ago, Richard shared a message entitled, "Is your church on TripAdvisor?" In his sermon, Richard challenged us to see whether we approach Church like a restaurant or whether we understand God's view of the Church. As he compared "McChurch" to the true Church, Richard showed us that the Church should not be treated like a restaurant but as God has birthed her and purposed her in Christ. Looking at the analogies used in the Bible to describe the Church, such as branches in the Vine (John 15), a building whose architect is God (1 Cor 3; Eph 2:21,22; Heb 3:1-6; 1 Pet 2:4,5), the human body (1 Cor 12:12-27) and a nation that belongs to God (1 Pet 2:9,10), we learned that each have the following in common: Dependance on Christ, connection, equality, significant members, and purpose. The answer to the question whether our church is on TripAdvisor was therefore answered with a clear, "No!" as we are not a McChurch that is evaluated according to what customers think but we are the glory of Christ, the revelation of Jesus to the world!

On Saturday we had a brilliant time together at the Naturfreundehaus in Niederrad. We got together for a fun afternoon and evening of games, coffee and cake, fellowship, grilling, open stage, face painting, praise and worship and more; simply enjoying each other and getting to know each other better. We were even joined by local refugee kids who felt quite at home with us and played with the other children and even joined us during praise and worship. We loved the location and are sure to meet there again in the Summer next year! Thanks to all who organised and contributed toward the wonderful time we had together!

Having celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last week, Richard spoke to us on Sunday about the relationship and profound connection between marriage and the Church. In his sermon entitled, "Strong marriage, strong church!" Richard gave us four keys to a strong marriage and thus to a strong church as we looked at Ephesians 5:21-33. Based on their own experience as a couple, Richard shared what he and Frances have learned over the years that has helped them to have a good marriage. The four keys are Commitment, that is rooted in living in covenant, Consideration, Communication and Compassion. All four are essential for a strong marriage and a strong church! We had a lot of fun exploring each key and learning how important each key is for marriage and for the Church to reflect Christ.

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Upcoming events

Tuesdays from 19:00 - 21:00: Bible Study at Alt-Hausen 34
30.10 at 19:30: KLF Prayer at Alt-Hausen 34

Monday, 16 September 2019

Sprinkled, dipped or dunked?

Glory to God!

As we continue on our journey of 180 days of prayer for 180° reversal, we are excited to see how God is moving among us and bringing about change in this year of transformation. With daily devotionals, Richard is encouraging us to pray God's Word so that there is an alignment with God's will and purposes. If you want to receive the 180 days daily devotional, please write to pastor@kingdomlife-frankfurt.com.

Two Sundays ago, Alexander shared a message entitled, "Standing your ground" in which he spoke to us from Mark 4:35-41. Looking at the account of Jesus calming the storm and the sea, Alexander showed us how Jesus responded to the storm as an example for us to know how to stand our ground in difficult circumstances. We saw how believers must learn to stand on God's Word, recognising which season they are in, the state of their emotional health, who is pulling with them and how they must wake up, stand up, face the circumstances and speak God's truth. Alexander encouraged us to trust God to take us to the other side in the face of the storms we experience in life. Hallelujah!

Yesterday was a very special day for 6 new creations in Christ whom we baptised at the Bärensee in Hanau after our afternoon service. In preparation for the evening, Richard shared a message in the afternoon, entitled, "Sprinkled, dipped or dunked?" Looking at 3 scenes in the Scriptures, Richard showed us the significance of baptism and explained why the believer should be dunked rather than sprinkled or dipped! The 3 examples Richard shared are the Exodus (1 Cor 10:1-4); the Cross (Rom 6:3-13) and Marriage (1 Cor 12:12,13; Eph 5:31,32). After explaining that baptism does not save the believer but that it is the first step of obedience after faith and repentance, Richard used the 3 examples to show us that baptism symbolises the believer's leaving the kingdom of darkness and being placed in the Kingdom of Light; leaving the old life of sin to living for God and leaving the old "single" life to be united to Christ and the Church. Using 3 kinds of donuts; sprinkled, dipped and dunked, Richard made it clear that only complete immersion in the waters of baptism demonstrate the reality of a life immersed into Christ. Consequently we were challenged to consider whether our lives as believers and as the Church reveal that we have been truly immersed in Christ and His Body or whether our lives look like we have only been sprinkled or dipped! We praise God for His revelation to us and our prayer is that our lives would reflect the baptised life, fully dunked in Jesus and the Church!

God blessed us with amazing weather yesterday and we were able to enjoy the baptisms in the lake with a large group of friends and family. It was the first time KLF had her baptisms at a lake and it proved to be a very special and powerful time in the presence of many onlookers who witnessed the testimony of people who have committed their lives to Jesus and are completely immersed in Him and His people. After Alexander, Elizabeth and Richard baptised our 6 precious people, we returned to the campground chapel where we prayed for them. The perfect evening continued with fellowship and food at the local restaurant. Special thanks go to Nat and Gordana who had prepared the chapel so beautifully and to all those who joined us to celebrate this very special occasion!

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Tuesdays from 19:00 - 21:00: Bible Study at Alt-Hausen 34
25.09 at 19:30: KLF Prayer at Alt-Hausen 34
28.09 from 15:00 - 21:00: KLF Family Party at Naturfreundehaus (Am Poloplatz 15)

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019


Glory to God!

As we continue on this exciting journey of 180 days of prayer for 180° reversal, we are seeing a shift take place in different areas of our lives that we are praying for and believing God to bring about a change of direction that is aligned to His will and purposes. Hallelujah!

In the past few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to us about our identity in Christ. As we receive revelation of who God is and who we are in Christ, the Lord is renewing our minds to bring about reversal in our thinking so that we align ourselves to God's truth.

Two weeks ago Maria spoke to us about how miracles are not dependent on how hard we believe or on our faithfulness but on who God is and how faithful He is. In her message entitled, "How do miracles happen?" we looked at Matthew 9:28,29, Hebrews 11:6 and Hebrews 11:11, and asked the question whether we believe God can perform miracles, whether God wants to perform miracles and whether we believe that He will perform miracles in our lives. Knowing God as One who is faithful, loving and powerful will help us trust in Him to do miracles in our lives! Following on from Maria's message, Richard then showed us from Matthew 16:13-20 that how we see ourselves is dependent on our personal revelation of who God is.

In his message entitled, "Put on your light!" Richard spoke to us last Sunday about the believer's identity as a child of light and how we are to be light in this world (see Matthew 5:14-16; Ephesians 5:8-10). Looking at the example of Jesus in John 1:1-14,  we saw that being light in this world means: beginning with God and living from Him; imparting life to others; not being overcome by darkness; entering the darkness; being prepared to be rejected and misunderstood; being a gateway to the Kingdom; making the Kingdom a reality; revealing the Father and imparting grace and truth. Richard reminded us that believers are to live from their new identity in Christ and not to live in order to attain a new identity. Having been created in Christ as the light of the world, Richard challenged us to put on our light and to keep it on!

We praise God for the reversal that is taking place as we take hold of His truth and live from our knowledge of God and our new identity in Him! Hallelujah!

Upcoming events

Tuesdays from 19:00 - 21:00: Bible Study at Alt-Hausen 34
15.09 at 18:00: Baptism at the Bärensee in Hanau (after our regular service in Salzschlirferstr.15)
25.09 at 19:30: KLF Prayer at Alt-Hausen 34
28.09 from 15:00 - 21:00: KLF Family Party at Naturfreundehaus (Am Poloplatz 15)

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Keys for Reversal

Glory to God!

As a church, we are on a journey of repentance as we seek God’s face to turn things around in our lives that are not aligned to His truth and purposes. For 180 days we are praying for 180° reversal to take place in our own lives, the lives of others, the church and our city. We are committed to celebrating every change of direction, believing that what God begins, He will bring to completion. As we have embarked on this journey, we have begun by focusing on praying for relationships – our personal relationship with God, relationships with others, relationships for our singles who desire to have a partner, relationships between the Church and the city, etc. We believe God will bring reversal as we join together with one heart and purpose to see reconciliation, restoration, renewal and influence take place in all areas of our lives. If you want to receive a daily word of encouragement during these 180 days of prayer, please write to pastor@kingdomlife-frankfurt.com to be added to pastor Richard’s mailing list.

Two Sundays ago, Tobias shared a message entitled, “The Key of David” in which he showed us how King David lived in the knowledge of God’s mercy and grace. Looking at Psalms 55 and 51, we noted how David clung to God's mercy in the face of the attacks of those closest to him and in the awareness of his own sin. Tobias showed us how, despite King David’s mistakes, God still saw him as “a man after His own heart” (see 1 Ki 14:8)! The key of David is the revelation of the righteousness that is ours in Christ and living in the reality of God’s mercy and grace. Hallelujah!

On Sunday, after a very powerful time of worship, we spent some time declaring reversal over relationships and speaking God's will and purpose over our lives and the lives of others. God is teaching us to align with Him and to declare and to decree His truth over our lives to see reversal take place. Several people already testified to seeing a shift take place in their lives and together we are trusting God to complete what He has begun!

Richard then spoke to us about "The Father's testimony." In his message, Richard showed us that just as believing the testimony of the Father about Jesus gives life (1 John 5:9-12), so believers must replace any false testimony they are carrying with the Father's testimony about them. Jesus carried the Father's testimony about Him and did not depend on His own testimony about Himself nor the testimony of man about Him (John 5:31-37). Likewise believers must know what the Father says about them and carry His testimony about them. Consequently we looked at Ephesians 1:3-14 to see how God sees us and to allow the Father to reverse our thinking concerning the testimony we carry about ourselves. In response many came forward for prayer and for the Father to declare His testimony over their lives. Hallelujah!

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Upcoming events

Tuesdays 19:00 - 21:00: Bible Study @ Alt-Hausen 34
28.08: KLF prayer meeting
28.09: KLF Late-Summer Party

Monday, 5 August 2019

Journey of repentance

Glory to God!

As we enter the second half of this year of transformation, God is calling us to pray. After a powerful time of worship and communion on Sunday, Richard shared a message entitled, "180°", in which he spoke to us about how God wants to bring reversal in our lives, our church and our city as we humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and repent (see 2 Chron 7:14-16). In response to God's Word to us, Richard is calling KLF to pray for 180 days to see 180° reversal in different areas of our lives that are not aligned to God's will and purposes. Going on this journey of repentance is not just about turning our lives away from sin but also turning around the way we think, speak, act and expect as God gives us revelation of His will and His Kingdom. Richard also showed us that as God's people and as those who live in the glorious freedom of the children of God, the Lord has made us His sanctuary and His dominion to bring about reversal wherever we are (see Rom 8:18-21; Ps 114). Beginning on Wednesday, the 7 August and concluding on February the 2nd, KLF will pray for 180 days to see a 180° reversal as we embark on this exciting journey of repentance.

We praise God for His promise to forgive our sins and heal our land and to bring reversal when we align our lives to Him. Halelujah!

Upcoming events

07.08 - 02.02: 180 days of prayer for 180° reversal
28.08: 19:30 KLF Prayer Meeting at the "Taubenschlag", Alt-Hausen 34.
29.09: KLF Summer Party in Niederrad