Monday 30 April 2018

Are you spiritual?

Glory to God!

Continuing in our series entitled, "Are you spiritual?" we have been looking at what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit. Having looked at how the apostle Paul was led by the Holy Spirit and governed by the truth of God and His Kingdom, two weeks ago we focused on how believers must learn to live from their new identity in Christ. In his message entitled, "Who do you think you are?", Richard showed us the truth of our identity as bond-servants (Rom 1:1), saints (Eph 1:1), sons (Rom 8:14) and soldiers (2 Tim 2:3). The believer does not live to become a new creation but must learn to live as one who has been born again and created in Christ anew Hallelujah!

On Sunday we had another powerful time of worship as the Holy Spirit led us into God's presence and ministered to us. People testified to God healing them in the meeting and with words of knowledge and prayer, many were touched with God's presence and power. Richard continued in his series and spoke to us about living from revelation. In his message entitled, "Come and see" we looked at the importance of receiving spiritual revelation in order to live from the reality of spiritual truth. Richard showed us that God gives us His Spirit so that we can know the deep things of God (1 Cor 2:9-14). Looking at John 1:35-51, we noted the importance of seeing and how Jesus invites us to follow Him to be able to see the things of the Spirit.

We praise God for spiritual revelation and for showing us what it means to be spiritual as we live from the truth of our lives in Christ. Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events

18 - 20.05 Deep calls to deep Conference with Steve Porter
26.05 - Global Outreach Day in Bockenheim

02.06 - Welcome Coffee at 15:00 in Leipziger Str.60

09.06 - Men's Bike Ride
10.06 - Baptismal Service at the EFG Frankfurt-Nordwest in Haeberlinstr.3 at 15:00
16.06 - Church BBQ on the Lohrberg
22 - 24.06 Journey with the Holy Spirit with Edgar Mayer

Monday 16 April 2018

Kingdom perspective

Glory to God!

These past two weeks the Lord has been speaking to us about living from a kingdom perspective. In his message entitled, "Are you a candidate for God's promotional programme?" Alexander showed us how God wants us to move from a poverty or slave mindset and a settler's mindset to a kingdom mindset. Looking at the parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16, we noted the following principles for Kingdom living:
  1. Our reputation as God's children is important. (Prov 22:1)
  2. We should not ignore issues but face them. (Rom 4:19)
  3. We should invest in our relationships to enhance them.
  4. We are to be influencers who know their sphere of influence.
  5. We are to be motivators who encourage others.
  6. We are to be faithful stewards of all that God entrusts us with. (Prov 27:23,24) 
Alexander encouraged us to seek God's wisdom (Prov 16:16) in order to gain a kingdom perspective (Mk 4:10-13) so that we live the kingdom life wherever we are.

Yesterday's meeting was very exciting as God ministered to us through prophecy, healing, impartation and words of knowledge. It is really wonderful to make space for the Holy Spirit and simply follow His leading. Hallelujah! Richard shared a message entitled, "Are you spiritual?" in which we explored what it means to be led by the Spirit as sons of God (Rom 8:14). Looking at the life of the apostle Paul, Richard showed us that to be led by the Spirit is to be governed by the Spirit and that it is those who are governed by the Spirit that are truly spiritual (see 1 Cor 3:1-3). Being governed by the Spirit of God is responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit and being moved by the reality of God and His Kingdom. Richard showed us that the apostle was spiritual (Spirit-led) in that

  1. Paul lived from his new identity in Christ. 2 Cor 5:17; Gal 2:20
  2. Paul acted on spiritual revelation. Gal 2:1,2
  3. Paul depended on supernatural peace. 2 Cor 2:12,13
  4. Paul followed his specific calling. Rom 1:1
  5. Paul lived by faith. 2 Cor 4:13,14
  6. Paul lived in hope, having an eternal perspective. 2 Cor 4:17,18
  7. Paul lived to please God because of future judgment. 2 Cor 5:9,10
  8. Paul lived in the fear of the Lord. 2 Cor 5:11
  9. Paul was moved by Christ's love and sacrifice. 2 Cor 5:14,15
  10. Paul was obedient to God's commission. 2 Cor 5:20
  11. Paul lived from grace. 2 Cor 6:1,2 
As sons of God we are to be led by the Holy Spirit as we follow His leading and respond to the reality of God and His Kingdom in our everyday lives. Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events

25.04 - KLF Prayer Meeting at 19:30 at Leipziger Str.60 
18 - 21.05 Deep calls to deep Conference with Steve Porter
26.05 - Global Outreach Day
22 - 24.06 Journey with the Holy Spirit with Edgar Mayer

Monday 2 April 2018

True Forgiveness

Glory to God!

We had a full house on Friday in our church premises in Bockenheim as we gathered together for a time of fellowship and reflection. Looking at the seven last sayings of Jesus on the cross, Richard used the word CROSS to show us how Christ's last words reveal aspects of His life that we are called to follow.

Communion: Jesus lived in unbroken communion with the Father but experienced separation on the cross. Mark 15:34
Reconciliation: Jesus came to reconcile man to God and mankind to one another. Luke 23:43; John 19:30
Obedience: Jesus was obedient to the Father, even to death on the cross. John 19:30
Suffering: Jesus suffered as He persevered in fulfilling the Father's will. John 19:28
Sacrifice: Jesus laid down His life for mankind. Luke 23:34

It was a special time as we reflected on Christ's life and death and shared communion together.

On Sunday we celebrated Christ's resurrection. After a powerful time of worship we ministered to some people in prayer with resurrection power and hope. Richard then shared a message entitled, "The Gospel of Forgiveness" in which he showed us the nature of true forgiveness that involves the 3 stages of death, burial and resurrection. Using traffic lights as a symbol and a reminder of true forgiveness, we saw how Christ's death, burial and resurrection is the essence of the Gospel: the good news of God's forgiveness through Christ.

  • The red light symbolises death: Our sin was nailed to the cross. Rom 4:25
  • The yellow light symbolises burial: God buries our sin and chooses not to remember it anymore. Heb 10:17,18
  • The green light symbolises resurrection: God treats us as though we had never sinned by not counting our sin against us. 2 Cor 5:18,19

A traffic light can however also symbolise the nature of unforgiveness where:

The red light symbolises death: choosing to separate oneself from the one who has sinned against you.
The yellow light symbolises burial: you hold onto the offense and bury it your heart.
The green light symbolises resurrection: I bring up past wrongs to get you back.

In response to the revelation of the nature of God's forgiveness through Christ, we took communion together and were encouraged to receive God's forgiveness and to forgive others in the same way God has forgiven us in Christ (see Mat 6:15; Lk 11:4; Col 3:13).

 Upcoming Events

25.04 - KLF Prayer Meeting at 19:30 at Leipziger Str.60 
18 - 21.05 Deep calls to deep Conference with Steve Porter
26.05 - Global Outreach Day
22 - 24.06 Journey with the Holy Spirit with Edgar Mayer