Monday 28 September 2015

God's Seal

Glory to God!

Yesterday we had a powerful time of worship as we encountered God in His majesty and power and as He ministered to us and filled us with His presence! We got a taste of God's desire to fill the Church, His temple and to reveal His holiness and glory among the nations. Hallelujah!

KLF has supported Hermon Living Water Ministries over the past 8 years, a ministry to poorest of the poor in India. Yesterday we had the privilege of having the leaders and founders of the ministry with us who shared with us what the ministry is presently doing, the trials they are facing and the great things God is doing among the Dalits. You can find out more about Hermon Living Water Ministries here.

After a powerful time of prayer for the nation of India and for HLWM, Richard shared part one of his message entitled,"Sealed with the Spirit" which you can listen to here. Speaking about the significance of seals, Richard showed us how seals are used to demonstrate a guarantee, authority, authenticity, ownership and privilege. In the same way the believer is sealed with the Spirit who is a deposit guaranteeing his or her inheritance, who empowers the believer with the authority of God, who testifies to the authenticity of the believer's faith, who establishes the believer as God's possession and gives the believer the privilege of acces to God. We praise God for sealing us with His Spirit and for His solid foundation that remains standing, bearing this seal, 'The Lord knows those who are his.' (2 Tim.2:19).

We are looking forward to our Church Day this Saturday where we will spend time together looking at the vision for KLF and how everyone can be significantly part of the fulfilment of the vision.

Upcoming events

3 October: KLF Church Day at Salzschlirferstr.15 from 10:00 - 15:00
6 October: KLF Prayer Meeting at Leipziger Str. 60 from 19:30-21:00
17 October: Prophetic Workshop for Dream Interpretation with Alexander Blair at Leipziger Str.60

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Be Prepared!

Glory to God!

As the Church remains rooted and established in Jesus, she must prepare herself for persecution, revival and the return of Christ. On Sunday, Frances shared a message entitled "Be Prepared" which you can listen to here, in which she showed us how we can prepare properly before trials come our way and what hinders believers from preparing in advance. Frances explained how ignorance, denial, comfort and lethargy can hinder believers from preparing for difficult times and that believers must prepare themselves by growing in their awareness of God's presence; growing in their awareness of the Kingdom of Heaven; growing in their knowledge of the Word of God; taking hold of God's truth and promises and aligning their lives accordingly and by growing in their sensitivity to what the Holy Spirit desires.

Upcoming events

3 October: KLF Church Day at Salzschlirferstr.15 from 10:00 - 15:00
6 October: KLF Prayer Meeting at Leipziger Str. 60 from 19:30-21:00


Monday 14 September 2015

Victory in Christ

Glory to God!

"Christ is our new reality!" Looking at Colossians 2:6-17, Richard showed us yesterday how we are to walk in victory as we live in the truth of who Christ is and what He has accomplished through His death and resurrection. You can listen to Richard's message entitled Stinking Thinking here, where he explains how our thinking can hinder us from walking in the victory that is ours in Christ. This is what he showed us:

The Victory Cycle

Be Rooted: Having received Christ as Lord, the believer must be rooted in Christ. Jesus must become the believer's new reality - the One we live for, live in and depend on. Col. 2:6,7

Expose: Any thought that is contrary to the truth of the believer's reality in Christ must be exposed. Any thinking that is based on the lies of the enemy and the deception of wordly wisdom must be taken captive and made obedient to Christ. Col. 2:8

Realise: The believer must understand and realise (bring into reality) the truth of what s/he has received in Christ: God's wisdom, power and authority! Col. 2:9,10

Appropriate: The believer must take possession of the truth of what Christ has done for him or her, having been buried with Christ and raised to new life through faith in the power of God. Col. 2:11.14

Conquer: Christ has triumphed over the enemy and has been raised to the highest place of authority. The believer must trust in the victorious One who dwells in him or her to overcome and conquer any thought that seeks to take the believer captive and is opposed to the believer's reality in Christ.

We praise God for His revelation to us and for helping us to walk in victory as our minds are renewed according to our reality in Christ. Hallelujah!

Upcoming events

3 October: KLF Church Day at Salzschlirferstr.15 from 10:00 - 16:00
6 October: KLF Prayer Meeting at Leipziger Str. 60 from 19:30-21:00
18 October: Outreach Meeting in Frankfurt at 15:00

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Waiting on God

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Glory to God!
Two weeks ago Prem spoke to us about "The godly fear of Jesus," which you can listen to here. In his message, Prem showed us how Jesus walked in the fear of the Lord and the principles we can learn from Christ's example. Looking at Hebrews 5:7; 10:4 and Matthew 26:37-46, we noted the following:

  • The fear of the Lord is not about being afraid of God but of being afraid of being seperated from God and destroying the intimacy the believer enjoys with the Father.
  • The fear of the Lord is about being honest before the Father when the will of the believer differs from that of God.
  • The fear of the Lord is about positioning oneself before the Father to receive the strength to align one's will to His.
  • The fear of the Lord is about being resolute in our convictions and obedient to God's will despite the influence of those around us who seek to move us away from God's will.

On Sunday we rejoiced with those who testified about how God had healed them the previous week during the meeting. We praise God for His healing presence in our meetings and for the powerful work He is doing in our lives!
Richard shared a message entitled "Waiter, waiter" which you can listen to here. In his message, Richard showed us that to worship God is to serve Him (2 Cor. 5:14,15; Heb. 9:13,14; 1 Thess. 1:8-10), to wait on Him (Rom. 8:5) and to serve His people (Heb.6:9; Phil. 2:19-21). He described how God calls us to wait on Him as a waiter waits on the one he serves. We noted that a good waiter is:

  • One who is present and available to serve
  • One who is ready to serve
  • One who meets the needs of the one he serves
  • One who is committed to serve
  • One who serves with a joyful attitude

We praise God for the intimate relationship we can share with Him as we walk in godly fear and live to serve Him and His people.

Upcoming events

3 October: KLF Church Day from 10:00 - 16:00 at Salzschlirferstr.15