Friday 28 August 2020

Journey of Revival


Glory to God!

God is preparing us for revival. We are already experiencing a fresh stirring of the Holy Spirit that is taking us deeper into God and His will for our lives. Some are moved to pray and fast; others are renewing their devotion to God and others are changing their ways and their thinking according to the convcition of the Holy Spirit. We are also seeing the Holy Spirit stir the Body of Christ to unite in prayer and to seek God until He comes and showers righteousness upon us (Hosea 10:12). 

Two weeks ago, we had another unusual Sunday meeting as the Lord took us even deeper in worship and drew us even closer to Him. Richard then spoke to us about some of the principles that are common to most revivals and that reflect why and how God wants to revive His people. In his message entitled, "Revival and Tiramisu" we looked at the book of Hosea, but in particular chapter 6:1-3 and noted the following 9 principles:

  1. First comes the Word. Hosea 5:1; Gen 1:1; Jn 1:1
  2. Conviction. Heb 4:12,13; Acts 2:37
  3. Repentance. Hosea 6:1; Acts 2:38; 3:19
  4. Forgiveness and healing. Hosea 6:1; Acts 3:19
  5. Refreshing. Hosea 6:2; Acts 3:19
  6. "Lift me up" (Tiramisu). Hosea 6:2
  7. Abiding. Hosea 6:2; Jn 15:4
  8. Pursuing God. Hosea 6:3; Phil 3:7-14
  9. Saturation. Hosea 6:3; Acts 2:4

God wants to saturate us with Himself so that we are filled with Him and become a powerful influence in the world we live in with His presence, power and love but we must go through His process of reviving us.

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Last Sunday, after another powerful time in worship, we prayed for and "sent out" Eszter as she returns to her home in Hungary. Natalie then shared a powerful message on the topic of joy. entitled, "Joyride" and showed us 5 reasons we must learn to rejoice always and in any circumstance. Here are the 5 gears to take us on God's joyride:

  1. God commands us to rejoice. Phil 4:4; Lev 23:40; Ps 32:11; 68:3; Mt 5:12
  2. Joy is a result of thankfulness. Ps 100:4
  3. Joy is the fruit of the Spirit. Gal 5:22; Rom 14:17
  4. We can be joyful in the face of adversity. Phil 4:4; Rom 5:3; Lk 6:20-23
  5. God gives us supernatural joy. 1 Thess 1:6; Rom 15:13

Joy is part of God's Kingdom power pack and "purposeful joy is a powerful weapon in every situation."

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We praise God for where He is taking us and for showing us why and how He wants us to get there! Hallelujah!

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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