Friday 17 July 2020

Life in Christ

Glory to God!

Through the Sunday messages and short inspirational videos, the Lord is taking us back to the foundations of our faith and reminding us and taking us deeper into the essentials of our lives in Him.

The Mark and Worship
Continuing from Frances' message on True Worship, Alex spoke to us two weeks ago about "The Mark and Worship." In his message, Alex showed us that mankind is created to worship but that the enemy seeks the adoration reserved for God to gain man's allegiance and to take possession of him! Looking at Revelation 13:11-14:5, Alex explained the significance of the symbols described and showed us how the passage of Scripture is essentially about worship. After using Scripture to interpret Scripture, Alex showed us clearly what the mark of the beast relates to and helped to get rid of much of the confusion and speculation concerning the future of mankind. In response, Alex challenged us to  consider what "mark" we are carrying in the spirit realm as it relates to what is foremost in our thinking, how we spend our money and how we spend out time.
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Living by Faith
On Sunday Richard spoke to us about "Living by Faith." In his message he showed us that although we begin our lives in Christ by faith in Him, it is possible to shift from complete dependency on Jesus to dependency on self with regard to our relationship to God, to the Church and to the world. Using the images of a trowel to represent human effort and a gift to represent all the believer has received in Christ, Richard explained how our faith must inform and influence our ongoing relationship to God, the Church and the Lost or we run the risk of moving into human effort to reach our goal (see Gal 3:1-5)!
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Fullness of Life:
Last week, Richard encouraged us to see whether we are living in fullness of life. In his short message, he showed us from Ephesians chapter 1 and 2 Corinthians chapter 2, what it means to live in fullness of life and how we can walk in it by faith in the finished work of Jesus.

Sowing and Reaping:
This week, Prem reminded us of the powerful Kingdom principle of sowing and reaping and encouraged us to sow our lives for God's glory and to expect God to multiply and expand our lives abundantly.

Photo by Tomas KirvÄ—la on Unsplash

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