Monday 2 June 2014


Glory to God!

God is calling us to intimacy with Him. Over the past few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to us about how He desires to be known by His children as we wait on Him, hunger for Him, take up our cross to follow Him, and seek God in the secret place. You can listen to the sermons here:

Waiting upon the Lord - Rodrick Gilbert
Christ is enough for me - Alexander Blair
Intimacy with God - Frances Morschel

This is what Frances spoke to us about on Sunday:
  • Intimacy is at the root of our relationship with God for He Himself is an intimate, triune God.
  • God created us for intimacy with Himself and invites us to know Him intimately.
  • Intimacy is a journey of discovery in getting to know the other person as they really are as well as allowing oneself to be known as we really are.
  • How we view God affects the way we view ourselves and our circumstances. Deu 1:27; Num 13:31-33 compared to 1 Sam 17
  • Every person is first and foremost conceived in the heart of the Father. Jer 1:5; Ps 139
  • The believer's true identity is found in the heart of God as He knew us before we were conceived.
  • The believer's deep need for acceptance, security and significance is only truly satisfied in God.
  • Intimacy is a place where you are loved unconditionally.
  • Intimacy is a place where you don't have to seek approval by trying to be what you think the other person wants you to be.
  • Intimacy is a place where you can share your deepest, darkest secrets without fear of being rejected.
  • Intimacy is a place where you can be you and are accepted just as you are.
  • Intimacy is a place where you can open up your heart without fear of being hurt.
  • Intimacy is a place where you can share your deepest thoughts, feelings and desires without being corrected, criticised or judged.
  • Intimacy is a safe place where you can be vulnerable.
  • Intimacy is a place where you can share your weaknesses, struggles and failures and still be valued and respected.
  • Intimacy is a place where you don't have to perform to be significant.
  • Intimacy is between two parties and is two-way. Intimcay only works when both parties love and accept one another unconditionally; where both parties feel safe and can be vulnerable with one another; where both parties are valued and respected no matter what. 
  • God is drawing us deeper as we dare to be real, vulnerable and don't stop short of responding to the deep call of God (Ps 42:7).
Upcoming events

03.06: KLF Prayer Meeting at 19:00 at Leipzigerstr.60, F-Bockenheim

06.07: Baptismal service at 15:00 at Haeberlinstr.3 in F-Eschersheim.

13.07: Church meeting and BBQ at Salzschlirferstr.15, F-Fechenheim

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