Monday 23 June 2014

Called by God

Glory to God!

Yesterday's meeting was very powerful as we encountered God in worship and received revelation of Him and His purposes through prophecy and the preaching of His Word. It is so wonderful to meet with the King and hear His voice! Hallelujah!

Pastor Richard spoke on the purpose of salvation, showing us that God saved us to have communion with Him, to commit our lives to Him and to fulfill the calling the Lord has for our lives. You can listen to the message here. Looking at what the call of God means, we noted the following:

God's calling is essentially His will for our lives that is both general (applying to all believers) and unique (applying to each believer individually). God's general call includes being called to love one another, to holiness, to suffer, to persevere, to feed the poor, to submit to one another, to honour one another, to be ambassadors, to be witnesses, to give an answer for the hope we have, etc...

God's specific call applies to each believer individually and is unique. For example, the apostle Paul was called to be an apostle to the Gentiles while Peter was called to be an apostle to the Jewish people.

God's unique call for each believer is either direct or indirect. God's direct call is when God speaks directly to the believer and makes His specific will known to that person. For example, God spoke to Moses directly as well as to Paul, revealing His will for their lives that they were to fulfill.

God's indirect calling is revealed through various aspects in the believer's life that include the following:

  1. Prophecy. God's word to us through others. 1 Tim 1:18
  2. Gifting. God's gracing upon our lives. Rom 12:4-8
  3. Skills. Learned abilities that can be used for God's glory and purposes.2 Chr 2:7
  4. Service. God reveals His purposes for our lives as the believer is faithful in the little.Mat 25:21
  5. Desire. God places desires and dreams in our hearts that reveal what God has called us to. 1 Tim 3:1
  6. Passion. That which we love to do and that energises us is what we are passionate about and can also reveal what God has called us to. 1 Cor 9:16
  7. Context. God calls us in the context we are in relationally. God's unique call is always in relation to the Body of Christ and the relationships that we are in. God does not cause division. Rom 12:4,5
  8. Fruit. The fruit of our lives demonstrates whether we are pursuing God's call. Paul told Timothy and Titus to look at the fruit of men's lives before appointing them to be elders in the church. 1 Tim 3:1-5
  9. Counsel. God helps us discover the call on our lives through people around us who speak the truth in love and identify the grace that is upon our lives.

We are excited to see how God has called us individually and corporately and to understand how He has put us together to fulfill His purposes in Frankfurt, Germany and the nations. It is wonderful to know that every one of us is important and needed to fulfill God's will and purposes in our generation.

Upcoming events

06.07: Prophetic sound-check at 13:30 and Baptismal service at 15:00 at Haeberlinstr.3 in F-Eschersheim.

13.07: Church meeting and BBQ at Salzschlirferstr.15, F-Fechenheim

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