Monday 16 June 2014

Running the Race

Glory to God!

What did God save you for?

Looking at the apostle Paul's example on Sunday, we saw how he left us a pattern for Kingdom living that reveals God's purpose in saving us (Phil 3:17).

Communion - Phil 3:7-11
The apostle Paul's greatest desire was to know Christ and be like Him.
Paul lived to increasingly know Christ to such an extent that he could identify himself with Jesus in His life, suffering, death and resurrection.
The believer is saved to know Christ and be like Him. 

Commitment - Phil 3:12-14
As one who had said "yes" to Jesus, Paul lived a life unconditionally committed to Christ.
Paul was committed to pressing on to take hold of that for which God had saved him.
The believer is saved to live unconditionally for Christ.

Calling - Phil 3:14
The apostle Paul had a clear goal and knew what God had saved him for.
Paul lived to fulfill the task given to him in Christ. Acts 20:24
The believer is saved to fulfill God's purpose for him or her in Christ. Eph 2:10

Having been saved through faith in Christ, the believer is called to run the race to get a crown that will last forever. Unless the believer has a clear understanding of what God has called/saved him or her for, he or she will run aimlessly and not be concerned about living a holy life. 1 Cor 9:25-27

Upcoming events

06.07: Baptismal service at 15:00 at Haeberlinstr.3 in F-Eschersheim.

13.07: Church meeting and BBQ at Salzschlirferstr.15, F-Fechenheim

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