Tuesday 29 August 2017

New Life Celebration

Glory to God!

On Sunday we had the joy of baptising 6 new creations in Christ! It was a very special meeting as we celebrated Christ's victory and new life in Christ. Richard reminded us of the Good News in his message entitled, "The power of the Gospel," which you can listen to here. With the help of his three cups and a cross, Richard showed us how God rescues the believer from a life in the kingdom of darkness: a life of sin in which we were separated from God, enemies of God, deserving His wrath and eternal death, to a life in the Kingdom of light: a life of righteousness and holiness in Christ as we are joined to Him and His life for eternity. Richard showed us that the believer enters a realm of grace that enables him to enjoy the closest intimacy to the Father and where he can expect abundantly more than he can ask or imagine because of Christ's righteousness, holiness and redemption (Rom 5:1,2; 1 Cor 1:30)! Hallelujah!

After hearing the testimonies of Ulli, Amen, Danni, Eva, Muriel and Steffi, we baptised them and rejoiced with them as they joined Christ in His death and burial and were raised out of the water into their new life in Him. Many of us then gave them words of encouragement and prophesied over them, subsequently laying hands on them to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!

This Sunday we look forward to having Crosswalk with us at KLF.

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday from 19:00 - 21:00: Discipleship Group - Leipziger Str.60 (L60) 
Last Wednesday of every month from 19:30 - 21:00: Worship and Prayer Evening  at L60 
Saturday 02.09, 02.12: Welcome Coffee at L60
03.09: Crosswalk @ KLF
01.11: Prophetic Encounters with Ed Traut

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