Monday 22 February 2016

Journey to Maturity

 Glory to God!

The Lord has been speaking to us about fruitfulness and the last two Sundays He has been addressing our need to mature as disciples of Christ in order to produce the fruit He expects from us. In his message entitled, Grow up! Prem spoke to us from Ephesians 4:13-24 which you can listen to here. Prem showed us how God desires that we mature by growing in our knowledge of what Christ has done for us, by growing in our knowledge of who God is (His character and will), by increasingly being like Jesus as we respond to our knowledge of Him and by learning to completely depend on Jesus to grow to fulness in Christ.

Yesterday's meeting was very powerful indeed! During worship the presence of God became so tangible that many responded in fresh surrender to Him and were deeply touched by the Lord's holiness and love. Frances then took us on a journey through the Song of Songs and showed us how the book reveals the believer's journey to maturity. You can listen to her message entitled, A journey through the Song of Songs here and for the accompanying notes click here. Frances encouraged us to study the Song of Songs as a prophetic revelation of the journey the Lord wants every believer to go on with Him. She emphasised that the Song of Songs is often neglected when it is only read in the natural but that once the believer receives revelation of the depth of God's desire to see His Bride mature in Him, the book becomes a powerful motivation for the believer to move beyond immaturity onto a journey of greater intimacy and power in Christ.

Upcoming meetings and events

Fridays from 7:00 - 8:00: Prayer Meeting at Leipziger Str.60
05.03., 04.06.,03.09., 03.12.: Welcome Coffee from 15:00 - 17:00 at Leipziger Str.60
23.04: KLF Church Day with Pastors Julius and Roszel Regala (Kingdom Life Butuan)
24.04. from 15:30 - 17:00: Church with the Homeless in Frankfurt at the Friedensbrücke

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