Tuesday 17 November 2015

Times of Refreshing

Glory to God!

On Sunday we reached day 15 of our 42,195 day spiritual marathon and we are already experiencing a move of the Holy Spirit that is stirring us up to draw near to God, to examine ourselves, and to align ourselves to God. Consequently our meetings have taken on a fresh dynamic of faith and our people are encountering God in an exciting and powerful way!

On Tuesday we looked at how God's Word has the power to revive us (Psalm 19:7) as we learn to approach it and allow it to comfort, convict and counsel us. We had a powerful evening together as the Lord gave us spiritual revelation of the "deep things of God" (1Cor. 2:10) that began to minister to each one of us.

On Wednesday mornings the Eldership is meeting for prayer and last Wednesday they entered a level of power and authority that was quite extraordinary. There was a real sense of God anointing them in their priestly and prophetic role as shepherds of KLF as they prayed together in unity (Psalm 133)! We are convinced that as we intercede together in unity that God is pouring out His Spirit to move us as a church into times of refreshing (Acts 3:19)! Hallelujah!

On Friday mornings we have replaced our regular men's prayer breakfast with a time of prayer open to anyone in KLF. Last Friday's prayer meeting was very powerful as many joined together to intercede for KLF, the Church, our city and Germany. 

On Friday evening we met for a time of worship and prayer as we stepped into God's glory! Richard shared a message on God's glory and how God has prepared everything for the believer to enter into His presence and glory through Jesus. You can listen to the message entitled, Entering the Glory, here. In response to God's invitation, we entered His presence and many began to experience the weight of God's glory. It was amazing! Words cannot describe the electric atmosphere we experienced as we responded to God in worship and silence! The Lord then took us through the prophetic realm into the seer realm where many began to receive visions and revelation of heavenly things. We then encouraged everyone to share what God had revealed to them and responded by taking the revelation and praying it over one another and the Church. We were greatly encouraged by God's grace and excited to move into the deeper things of God!

On Sunday we had a very powerful meeting as we worshipped and as God led us into a time of prophetic intercession for the people of Paris, France and the nations. A spirit of faith arose that took hold of Psalm 2 and we spent time coming against the spirit of fear and establishing Christ's authority, reign and purpose over France and Germany and their leaders. As a people who are led by the Holy Spirit, we do not live in reaction to the kingdom of darkness but in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God! Alexander then shared a message on the Hallmarks of a Spiritual Community which you can listen to here. Looking at Christ's teaching in Matthew chapters 5 and 13, Alexander showed us that we are all important and that we are called to be light, salt, yeast and mustard seeds as we trust in God's strength (2 Chron. 6:19) and influence the kingdom of darkness with God's Kingdom!

We praise God for what He is doing amongst us and we are excited to see where He is taking us!

As a reminder, we have the following meetings during the week that all are welcome to attend:

Tuesdays from 19:30 - 21:00: God's Reviving Word @ Leipziger Str.60
Fridays from 07:00 - 08:00: Praying in Power @ Leipziger Str.60
Friday 04.12 from 19:30 - 21:30: Stepping into the Glory - an evening of powerful worship, prayer and encounter @ Salzschlirferstr.15

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