Monday 6 July 2015

Now is the time!

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Glory to God!

It was a privilege to have Bishop Sony Okpekpe minister at KLF three weeks ago. Sony is the senior pastor of Charity Church in Hanau. Speaking to us about the power of the Holy Spirit, Sony encouraged us to recognise that the believer cannot remain ordinary after being filled with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. As God's extraordinary, supernatural people, the Church is called to walk as Jesus did, doing the works of the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit and destroying the work of the enemy! You can listen to Sony's powerful message here.

Two weeks ago Alexander Blair shared a significant message for the Church that carried an urgency from the Holy Spirit for the Church to arise and shine for the glory of the Lord rises upon her (Isaiah 60:1). In his message, Alexander challenged us to recognise that now is the time for the Church to rise in the power of her identity in Christ and to be light in this world. You can listen to Alexander's message here.

On Sunday we met at the baptist church in Eschersheim to have our baptism service. It was sweltering but we had a brilliant time celebrating God's faithfulness and the lives of those who were taking the step of obedience to be baptised. It is always a special occasion to see the Gospel expressed through baptism as believers bury their old lives with Christ and rise to newness of resurrection life with Him. There was great joy in the meeting and the Father poured out His love on the people who were baptised as the church brought prophetic words for them. Tobias von Stosch shared a message on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and showed us how just as the Holy Spirit brought light and order to creation (Genesis 1), so He brings light and power to the believer so that s/he can walk in His power and His gracious enabling (Acts 1,2). You can listen to Tobias' message here.

God's word to the Church is clear that now is the time for us to arise and shine in the power of the Holy Spirit and be light in this dark world as God's glory rises upon us! Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events
07.07 - KLF Church Prayer Meeting @ Leipziger Str. 60  
14, 21, 28.07 - The Holy Spirit - Bible Study with Tobias von Stosch @ Leipziger Str.60
17-19.07 - Hearing from Heaven with Francois Botes and Alexander Blair

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