Monday 14 April 2014

Breaking Through Together

Glory to God!

As we continue to pray and fast for breakthrough, the Lord is showing us what spiritual breakthrough really looks like. On Sunday, Frances Morschel spoke to us about The Journey to Breakthrough which you can listen to here. This is what the Lord showed us:

Breakthrough is more than an event or a blessing. Spiritual breakthrough is when the reality of the Kingdom of God breaks through into our reality and the two become one. God wants us to live in and from the reality of His Kingdom. Breakthrough is a journey that can be broken down into the following stages:

Wake Up! 

The journey to breakthrough begins with the realisation that one's present condition that is not in line with the truth of God does not need to remain that way (Is 52:1,2). At this stage we begin to have revelation of who God is, what He has done for us and our identity in Christ. We begin to grasp the possibilities of God according to the reality of His Kingdom.


The second stage of the journey happens when the truth of the Kingdom of God and of who we really are in Christ causes us to become dissatisfied with our condition. The two realities are in conflict with one another so that we become frustrated, confused, and even angry because on the one hand we see what God says but on the other hand our experience tells us the opposite.


The third stage is the point of decision. We must choose which reality we will allow to influence our lives. We can recognise the decision we have made based on what our hearts and minds focus on. Trusting what God has said builds hope in the life of the believer. Just as Abraham faced the reality of his and Sarah's unfruitfulness in the natural but chose to believe God and hope in the promise, so we must choose to hope in God and His promises to us, despite the circumstances (Rom 4:18-22). Worldly hope wishes that things could be different but spiritual hope knows that things can be different!


Spiritual hope is based on the reality of the Kingdom of God, on who God is and on what God has done for us. At this fourth stage, we need to establish this hope so that the Kingdom of God becomes an even greater reality and even greater influence in our lives by filling our hearts and minds with "things above" (Col 3:1). It is out of this hope that faith is strengthened (Rom 4:20; Heb 11:1).


The fifth stage on the journey to breakthrough is a place of rest, being fully convinced of the reality of the Kingdom. Striving, frustration and struggling have ceased. This is what true faith looks like (Mk 11:24). It is the place of rest in the full assurance that we have already received what God has promised us.


The sixth stage of this journey is about persevering in the assurance of the reality of God's truth. True faith perseveres regardless of how long it takes for the promise to be fulfilled. It is the fundamental trust in God's goodness and faithfulness that helps us to continue in the assurance of the fulfillment of the promise even beyond our lives (Heb 11:13)!


The final stage of the journey to breathrough is in God's hands. He is the One who will do what He has promised in His time.

Looking at the example of Jehoshaphat and the people of God and how they trusted God and went on the journey to breakthrough and saw God move on their behalf as they faced their enemy in full assurance of God's victory, we noted how the whole nation moved together on the journey to breakthrough (2 Chr 20:2-24).

God is encouraging us to move together on this journey to breakthrough. We recognise that each of us is at a different stage of this exciting journey and that we need to encourage one another at whatever stage we may find ourselves at so that we continue together until the reality of the Kingdom breaks through completely into all of our lives. Hallelujah!

Upcoming events

 08.04; 15.04; 22.04: KLF Prayer Ministry Training
02.05 and 03.05: Breakthrough! Two evenings of worship, teaching and prayer to breakthrough into the supernatural realm with Julius Regala (senior pastor of Kingdom Life Butuan, Philippines) and Richard Morschel (senior pastor of KLF) at KLF, Salzschlirferstr.15, Frankfurt.

10.05:  Return to Glory - Kingdom Men Conference with Alexander Blair (leader and Life Coach at KLF) at the Seminarzentrum Rückersbach.


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