Monday 24 March 2014

Richard Maybery

Glory to God!

Our Recovering Lost Ground conference with Richard Maybery was excellent! Richard has recently published a book with the same theme and covered some of the key areas he addresses in his book. You can order his book here. Apart from the profound yet very practical teaching, Richard spent a lot of time ministering to us in the power of the Holy Spirit. Many received deep healing and renewed hope as God touched their lives and people took hold of God's truth in a fresh way. Richard is a spiritual father to us and we are so pleased to have someone in our lives who truly walks with us and seeks to build God's Kingdom with us.

Yesterday, as part of our Live C.H.U.R.C.H. series, we looked at what it means to be a community that co-labours. Aris Maniatis and Richard Morschel shared the preaching on the topic as they looked at different examples of men and women of God who co-laboured with God and one another to build God's Kingdom. You can listen to their collaborated sermons here.

Upcoming Events

02.05 and 03.05: Breakthrough! Two evenings of worship, teaching and prayer to breakthrough into the supernatural realm with Julius Regala (senior pastor of Kingdom Life Butuan, Philippines) at KLF, Salzschlirferstr.15, Frankfurt.

10.05:  Return to Glory - Kingdom Men Conference with Alexander Blair (leader and Life Coach at KLF) at the Seminarzentrum Rückersbach.

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