Monday 31 December 2007

Rejoicing in present foundations!

Praise the Lord!

In this final week of 2007, the Lord has been speaking very clearly to us about His building a spiritual building, both individually and corporately. Looking at the various accounts of the building of the second temple recorded in Ezra, Haggai and Zecharia, the Lord showed us how the description of the construction of the temple is a shadow of the erecting of God's spiritual building (Eph. 2:21,22; 1 Cor. 6:19). The Lord revealed the following to us:

  1. God wants us to build His Temple for His pleasure and honour. Haggai 1:8
  2. The building of God's Temple must be our priority. Haggai 1:9
  3. We are called to build God's Temple despite the opinion or fear of man. Ezra 3:3
  4. We must rejoice in the laying of the foundation with praise and thanksgiving. Ezra 3:10,11
  5. We must not let the past distract us from present blessings. We must rejoice in what God is doing NOW! Ezra 3:12,13
  6. We must not despise small beginnings by focusing on unfulfilled desires. Zech. 4:10; Phil. 3:16

The Lord then showed us why we have every reason to rejoice in what God is doing with us NOW:

  1. The Lord rejoices in the work we've begun according to His will (God's PLUMB LINE). Zech. 4:10
  2. God empowers us by His Spirit to do the work. Zech. 4:6
  3. The Lord is preparing the way to establish us. Zech. 4:7
  4. When we enthrone Jesus, He will build His Church! Zech. 6:9-15
  5. The glory is greater! Haggai 2:7-9

As we enthrone Jesus as our Lord and submit to Him, God will change us personally and corporately as we keep in step with the Holy Spirit. God wants us to rejoice in, and work with what He is doing NOW and to exercise the faith and anointing He has given us NOW so that He can build us up for even greater works and greater glory. God will prepare the way for us to be established as His holy Temple - God's habitation for His presence, power, glory and love. God rejoices in us and He wants us to live as His people, His Church, His Temple so that He can continue to take pleasure in us and so that His Name is honoured. Hallelujah!


Yesterday evening we had our last soup kitchen for this year and we praise God for the many people who came and for the way they responded to His presence through His people, the worship, the love and the Word. We rejoice in the lives that were touched but especially in the salvation of Michael who gave his life to Jesus yesterday! Glory to God!

We praise God for what He has done with us this year; for raising up Kingdom Life; for digging deep foundations in us; for His revelation; for maturing us; for adding to our number; for His favour upon us; for opportunities to serve Him; for reviving us; for saving the lost; for setting people free; for healing the sick; for His presence, power and love; for His glory; for touching others through us; for new relationships; for TPL; for what He is doing NOW; for what He will do in 2008; for His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven and for so much more! Thank you Lord! All glory belongs to you!

Quote of the week:

"How unfortunate among the children of God that the deliverance many of them expect is a future deliverance; it may happen tomorrow or perhaps next year. Yet what God greatly wants His children to see is a deliverance already accomplished - one which needs no waiting for fulfillment. In the minds of many saints their victory is a thing of tomorrow. The answer to their hope, expectation or prayer lies in the future. But if we have revelation we shall see God's accomplished fact. Revelation unveils to us what the Lord has already done, not what He is going to do." Watchman Nee (emphasis mine)


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