Monday 10 December 2007

Zeal for God's House consumes us!

Glory to God!

This past week has been another exciting week as we sense the Lord preparing us for a greater revelation of His glory. Hallelujah!

Yesterday the Lord spoke to us about preparing the Temple for His glory as we looked at Ephesians 2:19-22; John 2:13-22 and Mark 11:17. From these Scriptures, we learned that:

  1. The spiritual Temple of God is both the individual believer as well as the church, the Body of Christ. 1 Cor. 3:16; Eph. 2:21,22
  2. God wants to clear out the church of all wordliness, self and evil. John 2:15,16
  3. God does not want the world in the church. John 2:14
  4. God is radical about holiness in His Temple. John 215,16
  5. Zeal for God's House must consume us. John 2:17
  6. God wants His people to be a people of prayer. Mark 11:17; Rom. 12:11,12

God's desire is to fill the Church with His manifest presence, power and love so that
His glory is revealed to the world through His people!

As we learned about what God's glory is, we looked at 2 Chronicles 5:7-14 and 2 Chronicles 7:1-3 where the Lord showed us that,

  1. God's presence is in the Most Holy Place/ the spirit of the believer. 5:7
  2. We, as a kingdom of priests, must consecrate ourselves. 5:11; Rev. 1:6; 1 Pet.2:9
  3. The church must join together in unity of spirit. 5:13
  4. The church must worship God. 5:12,13
  5. God will fill His Temple/ the church/ the soul and the body as well as the spirit. 5:13,14
  6. God's glory will be upon the church so that nations will bow down before Him. 7:1-3

We praise God for this exciting revelation and we expect the Lord to reveal more and more of His glory to us as we consecrate ourselves and seek His face! Hallelujah!

Yesterday evening we had a wonderful time blessing the needy and homeless as we worshipped together and fed them spiritual and physical food. Relationships and trust are steadily growing so that many more people are responding to God's love as they receive prayer and compassion. It is so moving to see our children and teens help at our soup kitchen and to see the love and care they demonstrate as they serve our needy people. Yesterday we had a team of 14 people that enabled great efficiency as everyone in the room was cared for and could sit peacefully as they were all served. We praise God for this opportunity to demonstrate His glory through word and action.

We are greatly looking forward to the Christmas dinner for the homeless and needy on the 23 December. We are preparing filled shoeboxes to give to the people and we are thrilled that a hotel chain has agreed to provide a 3 course meal and presents as well! Glory to God! What's also exciting is that 4 churches will be participating. God is indeed bringing His people together to glorify His Name!

We have finally managed to put the podcast and notes of our prophecy seminar on our website so please check that out under "teaching."

The Lord is blessing us and His favour is clearly upon us. He is deepening our walk in the River; He is adding to our number; He is healing people in our meetings and He is releasing and anointing workers among us to build up His people. Thank you Jesus!

Quote of the week:

"It is this spirit of dominion when restored to the Church of Christ that will bring again the glory triumph to the Church of God throughout the world, and lift her into the place, where, instead of being the obedient servant of the world, the flesh and the devil, she will become the divine instrument of salvation in healing the sick, in the casting out of devils, and in the carrying out of the whole programme of Jesus' ministry, as the early Church did." John G. Lake


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