Monday 17 December 2007



The Lord is continuing to speak to us about being united in spirit and purpose as He joins us together to become a dwelling in which He lives by His Spirit and Glory! Yesterday the Lord showed us from Psalm 133 that when the church is united in spirit:

  1. It is good and pleasant
  2. God anoints His people as a holy priesthood
  3. God refreshes and renews His people
  4. God blesses His people
  5. God gives life

The Lord also spoke to us about what anointing means and how oil was used in the Old Testament to consecrate objects and people for God's purposes (Leviticus 8:10-12) and how this oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit (1John 2:20,27).

The anointing is the Divine enabling of the spirit, soul and body

The Lord showed us that:

  1. the anointing enables the spirit to be sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit in and around one.
  2. the anointing enables the mind to know God's thoughts (spiritual understanding, knowledge and wisdom)
  3. the anointing enables the heart to share God's heart
  4. the anointing enables the will to be conformed to God's will
  5. the anointing empowers the body

The following are some guidelines the Lord gave us to discern whether we are anointed for a particular task:

  1. You will develop a passion for it. God enables the heart.
  2. You will be motivated to do it. God enables the will.
  3. You will be given creative ideas and insight. God enables the mind.
  4. You will develop a sensitivity to the work of the Holy Spirit in and around you. God enables the spirit.
  5. You will find it easy and be refreshed as you do it. God enables the body.
  6. You will produce fruit that will last.
  7. The church will confirm the anointing as the anointing is always in the context of the Body and never for oneself or independent!

We praise God for the anointing that is poured out when we live in spiritual unity!

Exciting news is that the Lord is releasing anointed workers to build our children's ministry so that soon we will be able to run regular meetings for the kids.

This Sunday we will be helping out with a Christmas dinner for the needy that should prove to be a great blessing for these dear people as they will be receiving filled shoe boxes as gifts as well as a 3 course meal provided by a local hotel!

We are looking forward to an awesome 2008 because the Lord has spoken to us and told us that it will be a year in which Kingdom Life will be established. Hallelujah!

Quote of the week:

"To the spiritual person the supernatural seems natural." Jackie Pullinger


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