Tuesday 26 June 2007

God's favour is upon us!

Hallelujah! This Sunday's meeting was awesome! God is present and He is adding to our number. The Lord's favour is truly upon us and He is confirming His Word to us over and over again.

A couple of our people testified about risking for His glory last week at McDonalds and a shopping mall and seeing God heal and touch two people. This has prompted us to start a TESTIMONY blog to record how God's Kingdom is being furthered on earth as we risk for His glory and see miracles, signs and wonders as God confirms His Word (Acts 14:3) and glorifies His name!

Last week a number of us met Richard Maybery (picture) who was visiting Germany and ministering in Speyer Vineyard over the weekend. He brought great encouragement and all who spent time with him were refreshed in their spirit and built up in their faith. Richard has KLF on his heart and is excited about what God is doing in and through us.

This evening we will have another exciting time with the Lord as we meet to pray in downtown Frankfurt and this Friday IMPACT will be getting together again.

We praise God for His favour upon us!

Quote of the week:

"Stay current with the current of the Holy Spirit!" Richard Maybery


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