Tuesday 12 June 2007


Praise the Lord! This weekend both Gabi's knees were healed at the "Healing and Revival Conference" in Frankfurt. God heals today!

A bunch of us also got to meet Brother Yun, a man of God who went through horrific persecution and suffering for the Gospel in China and who witnessed the miraculous in his life. His story can be read in "The Heavenly Man" - a true and inspiring account that echoes the work of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts in our generation. A must read!

The Lord continues to bless us and this Sunday we met with Him in a very special way as He filled us with His Spirit and anointed us with "the oil of gladness" (Isaiah 61:3). God has been speaking to us about how joy and peace come out of trust in Him and how important it is for us to guard our peace (Rom. 15:13).

This evening we will meet for the first time in the Gutleut church to pray and next Sunday will be KLF's first opportunity to run the soup kitchen at the same venue. We plan on having a short worship service followed by yummy food and an opportunity to love the people the Lord brings.

Next week our dear friend, Richard Maybery, will be visiting KLF and we look forward to a Spirit-filled time together with him in Frankfurt and in Speyer where he will be ministering at Speyer Vineyard.

There is much to be thankful for and we rejoice greatly in God's faithfulness and love.

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