Monday 4 March 2019

Developing the core

Photo by Isiah Gibson on Unsplash

Glory to God!

This weekend our KLF leaders and coordinators met together for a 3-day retreat in Schmitten. It was an opportunity for us to spend time together, to strengthen our relationships, to seek God together, to be encouraged, to have fun, to receive input from our senior and associate leaders, and to make a fresh commitment to the Lord, His people and His purposes. It was a very special and significant time for us that we believe will have a powerful, ripple effect upon our church family.

Already yesterday afternoon we began to experience some of the fruit of the weekend away as the Lord moved powerfully among us. Most of the meeting we simply waited on the Lord as He ministered to us and touched many lives with His presence and power. Consequently there were salvations, healings and deliverance from the work of the enemy. Hallelujah!

Richard then spoke to us about what it means to worship God as we looked at Romans 11:33-12:2. In his message entitled, "Living from God", Richard showed us that worshipping God means living from God, through God, to God and glorifying Him forever (Rom 11:36). We also noted that living from God means God has to be the centre of one's life and not one's self. When man is at the centre, he creates God in his own image and expects God to respond to his expectations. When God is at the centre, man is conformed to the image of God and responds to God as he lives in God-consciousness and lives from Him. Blessed are those who live from God as true worshippers and are willing to face the consequences of living in response to the reality of God and His Kingdom (see Matthew 5:3-12).

Upcoming events

10.03: International Food Festival
23.03: KLF Seminar with Alexander Blair

27.03: KLF Prayer at L60
13.04: Proverbs & Jazz at the Awake Café
05.05: KLF Anniversary
25.05: Proverbs & Jazz at the Awake Café
09.06: KLF Talent Night
14.06 - 16.06: Conference with Edgar Mayer
23.06: Eastsite Celebration - joint meeting with CZF at 10:30

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