Monday 25 March 2019

The Power of Praise

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Glory to God!

In these past weeks the Lord has been speaking to us about the power of praise. In his message, entitled, "The power of praise," Alexander showed us the difference between praise and worship and how praise brings us into the presence of God, gets our eyes off ourselves and onto God, is a response to what God has done in our lives, is a weapon against the enemy, produces activity in the spiritual realm, allows God to cut off things in our lives, produces a divine shield around us, positions us for the harvest God has prepared, creates freedom and opens doors that only God can open.

Yesterday, Alexander showed us seven Hebrew definitions of praise in his message entitled, "Seven ways to praise God." Looking at the different words used in Hebrew that are translated, praise in English, we saw how varied our praise to God can be. The Hebrew words yadah (to extend the hand), halal (to shine, to rave), tehillah (to sing with thanksgiving), barak (to kneel down in adoration), zamar (to touch the strings), shabach (to shout loudly) and towdah (to offer a sacrifice of praise) are all translated praise in the English language but carry a rich variety of meanings that help us to understand how we can praise God.

These past two weekends we had two exciting events. Two weeks ago, Karin led a creative session for people to express their worship to God through painting as they were led by the Holy Spirit and on Saturday, Alexander led a seminar on Redeeming conflict and managing frustration that helped people understand the nature of conflict, the reasons for conflict, biblical examples of conflict and how believers are called to be peacemakers as sons of God.

Our senior leaders, Richard and Frances attended Kingdom Faith's leaders' conference in Horsham, England, last week and were able to connect with Kingdom Faith leaders and other leaders from different nations. It was a powerful conference that has inspired and refreshed our pastors and we look forward to seeing how God wants us to continue our relationship with Kingdom Faith.

Upcoming Events

27.03: KLF Prayer at L60
13.04: Proverbs & Jazz at the Awake Café
05.05: KLF Anniversary
25.05: Proverbs & Jazz at the Awake Café
09.06: KLF Talent Night
14.06 - 16.06: Conference with Edgar Mayer

23.06: Eastsite Celebration - joint meeting with CZF at 10:30 

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