Tuesday 12 February 2019

Kay Lorentz

Glory to God!

On Sunday, we had the privilege of having Kay Lorentz with us as guest speaker. Holger and Kay Lorentz are missionaries of Globe Mission with KLF as their sending church. We support their ministry to children at risk in the various ministries they lead and are part of such as Resilient Kids SA, Mercy Aids and their own family as foster parents to 4 HIV-positive children. Kay gave us a glimpse of their tough journey and God's faithfulness in the past year and shared a message entitled, "Letting go" in which she spoke to us from Psalm 124 and Luke 5:17-26. During worship, the Lord was already preparing our hearts to receive revelation of His Fatherhood and His desire to replace every orphan spirit with His Spirit of adoption in Christ. Kay's message flowed right from the Father's heart and addressed the need for God's people to have their minds renewed according to the love of the Father and their identity as sons and daughters of God. Kay showed us how God wants to restore trust, remove shame and teach us to be vulnerable so that we can become powerful as we depend on the Father. In response to Kay's message we spent time in the Father's healing presence, allowing Him to minister to many of us very deeply. We praise God for Holger and Kay who are truly demonstrating the Father's love with their lives and for the anointing upon them to bring home the orphans to their Father. Hallelujah!

Upcoming events

27.02: KLF Prayer Meeting at L60

10.03: International Fellowship and Food Party

23.03: KLF Seminar with Alexander Blair

13.04: Proverbs & Jazz at the Awake Café

05.05: KLF Anniversary

25.05: Proverbs & Jazz at the Awake Café

09.06: KLF Talent Night

14.06 - 16.06: Conference with Edgar Mayer

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