Monday 28 December 2015

Christmas Reflections

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Glory to God!

As we come to the end of this year, having celebrated the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and reflecting on God's faithfulness throughout 2015, the Lord has been encouraging us to reflect on the reality of who Jesus is and reflect on our own lives as we allow the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts. Two Sundays ago, Alexander shared a message entitled, Christmas: an issue of worship, in which he showed us the importance of responding to the reality of who Christ truly is in order to influence others around us. Comparing how our culture celebrates Christmas and the truth of Christ's birth and surrounding events, Alexander demonstrated how one can lose sight of the glorious inauguration of God's Kingdom through Christ's birth and how the people responded to Jesus in worship at the time. Alexander challenged us to re-evaluate our apprehension of Christ's greatness in order to be the worshippers God is looking for.

On the last Sunday of the year we always take time to give God glory and thanks for His faithfulness to us in the past year. Yesterday we heard testimonies of God's supernatural provision, salvation, healing and liberating power. It was awesome and very encouraging indeed! Richard then shared a message entitled, The God scan, in which he showed us the importance of allowing God to search our hearts and examine our lives. Looking at Psalm 139, we saw how we can trust God to scan us thoroughly in love because He knows us (139:1-4), He is with us (verse 139:5-12), He made us (139:13-16), He thinks about us (139:17,18), He causes us to hate what He hates (139:19-22), He examines us (139:23) and He will lead us (139:24).

We praise God for His revelation to us and for His faithfulness to us this past year. We are looking forward to an amazing 2016 in which we trust God to continue to do what He began this year in us and through us for His glory and for the advancement of His Kingdom! Hallelujah!

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