Monday 16 March 2015

Kingdom Community

Glory to God!

Yesterday's meeting was very powerful! It seems we have broken through into a freedom in the Spirit that is shaking strongholds and breaking down walls! As we worshipped the Lord, the Spirit of our victorious King caused us to enter an arena in the spirit where we began to displace the kingdom of darkness with His glorious light as we proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord over our lives, the Church and the nations.

Richard then led us in a corporate prayer and proclamation for Kingdom Life to establish her identity and calling as a Kingdom Community. This is KLF's prayer:

Heavenly Father,

You have rescued us from the Kingdom of darkness and placed us in Your Kingdom of light – You are our Saviour and our Lord.
You have joined us together and to yourself – we are one in You.
You have set us apart as your very own people – we belong to You.
You have made us your dwelling place – we are holy.
You have sent us to represent your Kingdom – we are Your ambassadors.


You have called us to be a spiritual community: a people who depend on You, live for You and are governed by You. 

You have called us to be a relational community: a people who are committed to one another in love.
You have called us to be a maturing community: a people who are growing in their knowledge of You, in Christ-likeness and in love.
You have called us to be a healing community: a people of hope who bring restoration.
You have called us to be a generous community: a people who give beyond expectation.
You have called us to be an outward-focused community: a people who reach out to the unsaved and needy.
You have called us to be a serving community: a people who sacrificially help others.
You have called us to be a creative community: a people who celebrate their gifts for your glory.
You have called us to be a multiplying community: a people who influence with and birth and establish Your Kingdom wherever they are.

We believe that this is what we are created for in Christ to be and to do for Your glory. As Your Kingdom community, we ask You for the grace, the wisdom and the power to fulfill Your will for us.
In Jesus’ Name.

Frances then shared a message on the centrality of Christ, looking at the letter to the Colossians and the apostle Paul's emphasis on Christ-centred living. You can listen to the message here. Frances showed us how Christ is the centre of everything and that everything is from Christ, through Christ, for Christ and everything is moving towards Christ's return. Knowing the truth that Jesus is the centre of everything, the question was raised whether Christ is the centre of our lives and whether Jesus is governing each of our lives as we submit to His authority. In response to the message, people made a fresh commitment to Jesus to reestablish that He is the centre of their lives.

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12.04 - Bengt Wedemalm at KLF

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