Sunday 11 January 2015

Meeting with God

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Glory to God!

Today's meeting was awesome. During our time of worship in song, the Lord began to manifest His presence in a wonderfully tangible way. The Holy Spirit ushered us into the throne room of God and many received words of knowledge and Scriptures from the Lord for our people. It was very powerful indeed!

Richard then spoke to us about our responsibility to commune with God if we are to communicate His glory. You can listen to the message entitled, "The Tent of Meeting" here. This is what Richard shared with us:
  •  The Church is called to communicate God's glory. Isaiah 60:1-3
  • God's glory is the manifesation of His holiness.
  • God's holiness is the divine otherness of God - His goodness, love, compassion, mercy, etc. Exodus 33:22-34:7
  • Jesus came to communicate God's glory. Hebrews 1:3; 2 Corinthians 4:6
  • Likewise, the Church is called to communicate God's glory! Ephesians 4:24
  • The key to communicating God's glory is communion with God.
  • Moses communicated the glory of God because he met with God. Exodus 33:7-11
  • In order for the believer to meet with God, s/he must position himself or herself with the assurance and conviction that s/he will meet with the Lord.
  • In order for the believer to meet with God, s/he must be resolute in waiting on God until s/he meets with Him.
  • The believer has met with God when there is evidence in his or her life of the manifestation of God's holiness.
  • The Church will only communicate God's glory when she is truly meeting with Him on a regular basis.
We praise God for the gift of His manifest presence, for His invitation to us to meet with Him face to face and for the amazing responsibility of communicating His glory!

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