Monday 25 August 2014

True Worship

Glory to God!

One of the greatest privileges of every redeemed believer is access to the glory of God. The Lord invites His children to His throne of grace and mercy to encounter Him, to worship Him and to enjoy Him forever. As God reveals Himself to us, we have a choice to respond to Him or exchange the truth of God for a lie (Rom 1:20-25). The true worshipper responds to the revelation of God in repentance by aligning him or herself to his or her knowledge of God.True repentance always leads to action as the believer responds to God, and depends on God to reflect Him. God created man in His image to reflect His glory!

Unless our knowledge of God affects our lives, we are not true worshippers.

As we worshipped God yesterday, the Lord revealed Himself to us and His presence became tangible, causing many to bow down before Him in repentance and adoration. It was an amazing time and the depth of worship was profound. Worship in song led into encountering God in the reading of His Word as Richard and Antje read the testimonies about people of God who encountererd the glory of God and how they responded in repentance, reverence and fear. The passages we looked at were: Exodus 34:5-9; Isaiah 6:1-8; Ezekiel 1:25-28; Daniel 10:4-11, 15-19; Luke 5:4-11; Luke 7:36-38 and Revelation 1:10-18. You can listen to the reading with Rony's instrumental accompaniment followed by the sermon entitled Show me your glory! here.

Upcoming events

02.09. KLF prayer meeting at 19:00 at Leipzigerstr.60
21.09. Bengt Wedemalm will be our guest at KLF
28.09. Francois Botes will be our guest at KLF

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