Monday 12 May 2014

Fullness of Life

Glory to God!

On Sunday Richard spoke to us about The Road to Fullness of Life. You can listen to the sermon here. This is what he shared with us:

Eternal Life

Jesus came to give us fullness of life. John 10:10
The Greek word for  fullness means superabundantly or beyond the border.
This fullness of life is Christ Himself. 1 John 5:10-12
Eternal life is not just life that lasts for eternity but the quality of life that is the substance of God's eternal nature. Jesus is Eternal Life. 1 John 1:2; 5:11,20
The believer receives fullness of life in Christ. Col 2:9,10
Although the believer has received fullness of life in Christ, s/he must understand the process that needs to take place for him or her to walk in fullness of life.

The process

The Spirit is given so we can understand what we have freely received in Christ. 1 Cor 2:12

Having received spiritual revelation, the believer must repent (changing of the mind) of old mindset and adopt the new mindset based on God's truth.

Having turned away from an old mindset, the believer must allow the revelation to renew his or her thinking completely. Rom 12:2
Fullness of life is revealed and experienced as the believer adopts the new mindset.

As the believer adopts new thoughts based on God's revelation to him or her, s/he must learn to live according to those thoughts.
We recognise whether we are thinking God's thoughts when our attitude, our desires, our emotions, our speaking, our actions and our behaviour are affected. Eph 4:21

We praise God that we can walk in fullness of life and that Christ's life can be revealed in and through us as we travel the road to fullness of life!

After God's Word to us, Sophie, together with the children, presented small gifts to their mums and prayed for them. We then prayed for all our mothers and thanked them for their lives and their sacrificial love.

Upcoming events

13.05 and 20.05: Intimacy with God - Developing one's quiet time with God. The meetings will be held at 19:00 at the KLF office rooms in Leipzigerstr.60 in Bockenhein.

17.05 and 24.05: Creative Women's Meeting. Two afternoons to meet together and create together. The meetings will be held at 14:00 at the KLF rooms at Leipzigerstr.60 in Bockenheim.

06.07: Baptismal service at 15:00 at Haeberlinstr.3 in F-Eschersheim.

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