Monday 1 February 2010


Glory to the Sovereign Lord!

Last week Thursday, Suzette Hattingh (Voice in the City) organised a prayer meeting for the Church in Frankfurt to join together in prayer for our city. The meeting was very powerful and many church leaders attended and voiced their concern for not honouring one another which led to a time of genuine reconciliation and forgiveness between the German leaders and the international leaders. The spirit of unity was tangible and we believe this was a prophetic statement of what God is doing in our city and in this nation. Hallelujah!

Yesterday the Lord spoke to us about how we need to respond to the vision He has given us as a church. He showed us that when He speaks to us we have a choice as to how we respond to Him. Basically there are 3 attitudes we can have:

  • Attitude #1: I know better - this person is above the Word. He judges the Word, is self-righteous and usually ignores the Word or revelation given to him.
  • Attitude #2: I know it already - this person is on the same level as the Word. He has a "familiar spirit," thinking he knows everything already and therefore relates God's Word only to what he already thinks he knows.
  • Attitude #3: I want to know - this person comes under the Word. He understands that he only "knows in part" and that when God speaks to him, the Spirit of God wants to reveal "the deep things of God" to him that are only revealed to those who submit to God's Word.
  • The apostle Paul had the attitude of "I want to know." Phil. 3:10
  • Paul wanted a greater revelation of Jesus and the Lord's purpose for him. Phil. 3:7-14
  • Paul lived to know Christ more and "to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of (him)." Phil. 3:10, 12
  • Paul received a revelation of the person of Jesus, the purpose of Jesus for Paul and the passion of Jesus for mankind. Acts 26:15-18
We need revelation of the person of Jesus to receive revelation of His passion which will compel us to fulfill the revelation of His purpose for us to redeem mankind.

The vision God has given us is based on these 3 principles:
  • We need revelation of who God is - His person: the "Sovereign Lord" Is. 61:1
  • We need revelation of God's purpose for KLF: "" Is. 61:1-3
  • We need revelation of God's passion for mankind: " bind proclaim bestow.." Is. 61:3
This week we are staring our Life Groups which form an essential part of a growing church. They help us connect with one another so that as we pursue the Kingdom Life together, we form genuine relationships, we care for one another, we grow together and we influence the lives of others. KLF has Life Groups that meet at various homes during the week in and around Frankfurt. For more information contact Alexander:

On Saturday we are having a joint men's prayer breakfast when the men of KLF will be getting together with the men of two other churches for breakfast, fellowship, teaching and prayer.

Quote of the week:

"I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven." Acts 26:19


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