Monday 4 August 2008

Faith Camp '08


We've just returned from an awesome week at Faith Camp in Peterborough, England. 27 people from Kingdom Life attended and roughed it out together in tents, through a little rain and lots of wind. It was great to be together and to be part of an amazing time with God. The meetings were terrific with dynamic worship and inspiring preaching. It was truly a time to meet with the Lord with over 5000 other people in many different ways. What is really exciting is the fact that the week was a continuation of what God has been saying to us in these past weeks. Following from His Word to us concerning living to know Him and make Him known, the Lord spoke to us last week about Christ in us and how to manifest His glory in our lives. Through powerful and very practical teaching we learned how to demonstrate God's glory by healing the sick and living according to the Holy Spirit. As we responded to God's Word to us, we saw many people receive physical healing as the Lord glorified Himself! The Father took us from, Revelation to Release to Revival. Hallelujah!

To find out more about what we got up to at Faith Camp check out the Kingdom Faith Blogs and watch video clips of reports of the week.


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