Monday 15 October 2007

Stepping into the River!

Praise God!

The Lord is speaking very clearly to us about laying hold of what He has done for us and has made available to His children. Following on from the word God gave us the previous Sunday concerning the breaker anointing, there was a definite sense at our prayer meeting on Tuesday that the Lord wants us to take hold of His provision and bring heaven on earth!

We are very excited about what God is doing with our youth. He is releasing His creativity in them and they are beginning to discover the anointing in each of them to do abundantly more than they could possibly imagine. The Lord is teaching these young adults to truly be impactors as they submit to the Holy Spirit's leading in all situations of life to influence rather than be influenced. God is equipping them with spiritual revelation and faith to become the change agents the Lord is calling this generation to be! Hallelujah!

Yesterday's meeting was awesome. God is speaking to us about the River of Revival and He is showing us how to step in. Looking at Ezekiel 47, we saw that the river of life flows from the sanctuary in the Temple into the world to bring life wherever it flows. Likewise the Holy Spirit wants to flow from the sanctuary of the believer's spirit through the soul and body to touch the world with life (1 Cor.3:16; John 7:37-39). We are learning that the Holy Spirit wants to transform our souls (mind, will and emotions) to be conformed to His mind, His will and His heart and that sanctification is the process by which we increasingly lay down self (the soul and body) in order to submit to the work of the Holy Spirit. The description of Ezekiel being led deeper and deeper into the water is a graphic demonstration of the believer's spiritual growth as he submits himself increasingly to the Spirit so that eventually he is completely immersed in the flow of the Spirit to bring life to the world. Glory to God! We praise God that we can enter His rest by faith (Heb. 4:3) and depend on Him to save us, to sanctify us and to empower us to serve.

Last night we teamed up with the guys from Treffpunkt Leben to feed the poor with physical and spiritual food. It is becoming increasingly clear that we need to find another location in order to cater for the amount of people that are coming. It's also on our hearts to disciple those who come to Christ so we're looking for a facility that will provide us with the space to meet these needs.

We praise God for His favour upon us. He is growing us spiritually and numerically and we are already seeing the fruit of what God is doing in us. Our people are speaking to, and praying with, people on the streets, in restaurants, in the workplace, at school and everywhere else the Lord prompts us. People are risking for His glory and are excited about seeing the River of Revival flow in them and through them to bring life to the lost, the sick and the oppressed. Glory to God!

Quote of the week:

"Our rest lies in looking to the Lord, not to ourselves. In the degree that we look off unto Him to that degree are we delivered from self. We rest on the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, not on our own shifting experience. True spiritual life depends not on probing our feelings and thoughts from dawn to dusk but on 'looking off' to the Saviour!" Watchman Nee

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