Tuesday 9 October 2007

Covenant anointing!

Glory to God!

This past week was very exciting! Apart from a number of us having the opportunity to attend a conference with Bill Johnson and Kathryn Scott we were very pleased to have Jonathon Dyke and Wes Sternberg visit us from Kingdom Faith (Horsham, England) to encourage us and to get a taste of what God is doing with Kingdom Life. We have always had a kindred spirit and the team's visit established our covenant relationship with Kingdom Faith Church and our desire to see God's Kingdom manifested in our nations. The KF team met with various groups from KLF and certainly blessed us and encouraged us with powerful teaching and prophecy. We praise God for the covenant relationship we have with Kingdom Faith and the anointing that binds us together.

Sunday's meeting was very dynamic as the Lord spoke to us through Jonathon about God's favour upon the believer and how we can truly always rejoice as we walk by faith, believing in God's will for our lives.

The Lord also spoke to us about the breaker anointing from Luke 16:16 as well as Micah 2:13 where the Lord says,
"One who breaks open the way will go up before them;
they will break through the gate and go out.
Their king will pass through before them,
the Lord at their head."
We praise God for the breakthroughs we are having both in our circumstances and in the spiritual realm! Hallelujah!

Quote of the week:

"Jesus Christ is perfect theology!" Bill Johnson

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