Monday 22 October 2007

Standing in the River!

Thank you Jesus - Lord of Life!

We praise God for the wonderful things He is doing in and through us! A particular highlight last week was our seminar for teens and adults on prophecy which was run parallel to a workshop for children on how to hear the voice of God. The church spent Saturday together meeting with God and learning from Him. There was a wonderful anointing on our meetings and everyone was greatly encouraged and equipped to hear God's voice and move in the prophetic. We are planning further seminars and workshops to equip KLF to excel in spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 14:12).

Our people are continuing to use opportunities to speak to people on the streets and provide them with food and minister to them. Gradually we are beginning to identify familiar faces and a level of trust is developing which will allow us to speak into the lives of the needy to help them. Spending time with these homeless people is opening our eyes to their very practical needs but particularly to their need for hope and love. We are praying for a premises to meet the needs of these people so that we can direct them to a place where they will find love and care as well as physical and spiritual food.

This week I am meeting with Tobias Von Stosch of Treffpunkt Leben who coordinates the Sunday soup kitchen for the various churches that participate. He and I will be praying and discussing how the Lord wants us to develop this ministry to the poor. We are thrilled to have a hall booked for the 23 December to provide a Christmas meal for the needy and we are excited about how God is stirring our people up to touch the broken and lost in the world!

Yesterday's meeting was very powerful! During the worship the Lord began to sweep across us in waves as He began to reveal His holiness to us. It was breathtaking! Our Lord is so gracious and He is leading us deeper and deeper into His presence every time we meet. God is continuing to speak to us about the River of Revival and yesterday He was showing us how we can stand in the River. Looking at Romans 5 and 6 we saw how, through Jesus we have been set free from the penalty of sin (5:8) and the power of sin (6:11). Hallelujah! The Holy Spirit showed us that the grace in which we now stand (5:2) is nothing other than the River of Life - we are standing in the river of grace! It is in this river of grace that we walk in the Spirit. Glory to God!

Quote of the week:

"God wants to show you that there is a place where we can live in the Spirit and not be subject to the flesh. We can live in the Spirit until sin has no dominion over us. We reign in life and see the covering of God over us in the Spirit. Sin reigned unto death, but Christ reigned over sin and death, and so we reign with Him in life." Smith Wigglesworth

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