Monday 25 November 2019

Step through, step in, step up!

Glory to God!

As we continue on this exciting journey of transformation, God is calling us to step through, step in and step up: to step through discouragement, to step into our own shoes and to step up to our high calling as the revelation of God's image.

Step through! In his message entitled, "Staying the course when discouraged," Alexander showed us how discouragement comes about and how the believer can overcome it. Looking at Nehemiah 4:1-3, we saw how the enemy tries to discourage God's people when they set their hearts on transformation and stepping into God's purposes for their lives. Alexander shared how discouragement comes through ridicule, fatigue, frustration and fear but that believers can overcome discouragement by focusing on God rather than on man, seeking God to be strengthened, seeing God's perspective and depending on God's unfailing love.

Step in! A couple of weeks ago we had the joy of having Gayle Claxton from Voice in the City minister to us. In her message entitled, "These are my shoes - it's my walk," Gayle shared how transition in one's life can be the place of greatest distraction and stagnation if we don't understand and deal with the challenges we face with God's perspective.  Looking at the example of John the Baptist, Gayle showed us what it means to be great in God's eyes. She showed us that every one of us can stand out, stand up and stand strong when we step into our unique God-given identity, calling and anointing. With personal and practical examples, Gayle showed us how to navigate through transition God's way so that nothing stops us from fulfilling God's call on our lives. In response to Gayle's message many came forward for a powerful time of prayer and ministry.

On Saturday we had our first Worship Night at our new office space in Hausen where around 25 people joined together with our worship team to spend time in God's presence and worship Him. It was a very powerful and intimate time with the Lord and we look forward to having these special times with God more regularly.

Step up! On Sunday Richard shared a message entitled, "A sign and a symbol," in which he showed us how God wants us to step up to our high calling of being a sign and a symbol that points to God and represents Him. Looking at Isaiah 8:18 and Heb 2:11-13, we saw how the Church is to reflect God's image as family and that He is redeeming and restoring His image through the Church. Richard showed us how satan seeks to distort God's image as Creator, Father, Bridegroom and Family by perverting man's understanding of his origin, gender, marriage and family! The Fall and the enemy have veiled God's image but it is through Christ that the revelation of God's image is redeemed and restored so that His people, the Church, God's family become a sign and a symbol that points to God and represents His true image.

Upcoming Events
Tuesdays from 19:00 - 21:00 - Bible Study at Alt-Hausen 34
27.11. from 19:30 - 21:00 - Church Prayer Meeting at Alt-Hausen 34
30.11 from 10:30 - Paint & Worship with Karin at Alt-Hausen 34
15.12 at 15:00 - KLF Christmas Celebration (family church service and potluck)
24.12 at 16:00 - Christmas Eve service at Alt-Hausen 34

13.01 - 02.02.2020 - Prayer and Fasting

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