Monday 19 March 2018

Not I, but Christ!

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Glory to God!

On our journey to revival, the Lord is speaking to us about unity and living by faith in Christ. Two weeks ago, Prem shared a message entitled, "Kept united by God's glory." Looking at Matthew 7:1-5 and John 17:22, we noted how the believer not only has access to God's glory but must depend on the Lord's presence to keep the unity of the Spirit. Prem showed us that spending time in God's presence:

Exposes the log/sin in our lives
Enables us to remove the log throgh repentance
Enables us to gain God's perspective on others
Empowers us to remove the speck in the eyes of others through blessing and intercession
Ensures that the unity is kept as we live in His glory

In preparation for our special healing service on the 25 March, the Lord is equipping us to minister in His power and authority. Having looked at the true nature of faith - receiving God's grace, resting from our works and resting in the Lord's finished work and remaining in Christ, Richard spoke to us yesterday about reigning in life through Christ as we live in Him. In his message entitled, "Living in Jesus' name," Richard showed us that just as Jesus came in the Father's name to represent the Father's nature, authority and power, so the believer is called to represent Jesus by not only using His name but by living in His name (see John 5:43; 10:25; 17:6; John 15)! Looking at Galatians 2:20, we noted how the apostle Paul lived his life in Jesus' name, having been crucified with Christ and living by faith in the Son of God to reveal Him and represent Him for God's glory.

The Lord is teaching us to be completely dependent on Him and to rid ourselves of our self-life so that Jesus is glorified in all that we say and do (see Col 3:17). Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events

23.03 - Men's Prayer Breakfast at Leipziger Str.60 at 7:00
25.03 - Healing Service at KLF at 15:00
28.03 - Prayer meeting at L60 at 19:30  
30.03 - Good Friday Service at L60 at 15:00
18 - 21.05 Deep calls to deep Conference with Steve Porter
22 - 24.06 Journey with the Holy Spirit with Edgar Mayer

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