Monday 6 March 2017


 Glory to God!

The Lord is giving us revelation about sonship and yesterday, Richard spoke to us about the assurance of sonship. You can listen to the series here:

The essence of sonship: Sons of God are satisfied in God, trust God and worship and serve Him.
The experience of sonship: Sons of God receive the Spirit of Jesus to experience the same relationship with the Father that Jesus has.
Sons of the Kingdom: Just as Jesus lived from a different realm as a Son of the Kingdom, so the believer has been rescued from the kingdom of darkness and placed in Christ's Kingdom to live as a son of the Kingdom and to produce the fruit of God's Kingdom.
The assurance of sonship: We can know with deep conviction that we are sons of God.

In his message yesterday, Richard showed us how the apostle Paul lived as a son of God and why he had such deep conviction of his relationship to God. Looking at Romans 8:28-39, we saw that believers can be certain of their sonship because:
  • God knows us and His thoughts toward us are beyond measure (huperballo). Rom 8:29; Ps  40:5; 139:17
  • God predestined us to be like His Son. Rom 8:29; Jn 8:34-38
  • God called us with unfailing love. Rom 8:30; Jer 31:3
  • God justified us. Rom 8:30
  • God glorified us and gave us the glory of sonship. Rom 8:30
  • God is for us. Rom 8:31
  • God gave us His Son. Rom 8:32
  • God gives us all things and works everything for good for His sons. Rom 8:28, 32
  • Jesus is interceding for us. Rom 8:34
  • Nothing can separate us from God's love. Rom 8:37-39 

Just as Paul was certain of his sonship, so we who believe can have the full assurance of sonship and be more than conquerors as we live as sons of God forever. Hallelujah!

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