Wednesday 31 January 2018

Andre Bronkhorst

Glory to God!

Sunday was the last day of our 21 days of praying and fasting. It has been an amazing spiritual journey for many of us who used the time to refocus, prioritise and revolutionise our lives as we sought God's face and allowed Him to do a deep work in us in the "desert." Reflecting mainly on Hosea 2:14-20 and Isaiah 58:6-9, Richard sent the church a daily devotional to meditate on, pray into and apply to our lives. The 21 Day Devotional for Fasting and Prayer will be available on our website shortly.

Fasting and praying has sharpened our spiritual senses and quickened our spirits. God's presence in our meetings is tangible and many are being touched as we respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit. On Sunday Frances shared a message entitled, "Dig your own well!" Looking at the account of Isaac in Genesis 26, Frances showed us that believers must learn, not to rely on others for their spiritual supply, but must dig their own well, where they are supplied with Christ's life in drought or in abundance. God calls each one of us to be an oasis (literally a dwelling place), where we have dug our own well, are filled and overflowing with the Spirit of God and influence others around us wherever we are. Practically this means:
  • Taking responsibility over one's own walk and growth in the Lord
  • Ceasing from waiting for something to change or happen
  • Choosing one's ground
  • Digging (prayer, worship, Word, obedience, proclamation, etc)
  • Persevering even when the ground is hard until God's life, power and provision are released
We praise God for His clear call to join Him in the desert where He wants us to dig a well and be fruitful for His glory, for the sake of the Church and for the extension of His Kingdom! Hallelujah!

On Monday and Tuesday evening we had two special meetings with André Bronkhorst, from South Africa. André is a Prophet in the true definition of the office in that he not only is anointed to prophesy but is helping the Body of Christ across the world to maturity in Christ and in the things of the Kingdom and the supernatural activity of the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:11-13!). In our first session together, André shared a message, entitled, "Faith and Obedience." In his message, André spoke to us about going deeper with God and the need for us to put God first in our lives. With powerful testimonies of radical obedience to the voice of God, André showed us that unless we have God as our priority in life, we will not move into a life of miracles, signs and wonders. Addressing some hindrances such as idolatry (giving created things greater priority is one's life than God), impatience (not waiting on, and trusting God), consulting mediums (looking to anything other than God for truth) and "only" being filled with Spirit rather than overflowing with the Spirit or being immersed in Him, André showed us what needs to happen in the life of the believer to enable him or her to hear God's voice and obey Him. With great sensitivity and accuracy, André then ministered prophetically to us and many received great encouragement, exhortation and were built up in their faith. Hallelujah!

In our second session on Tuesday evening, we had another wonderful time of worship where we encountered God and entered into an atmosphere of truly honouring His presence. As we did so we also invited Andre's co-worker, Johandre Potgieter, a young, dynamic evangelist from South Africa who is joining Andre on his Europe trip, to share his testimony with us. The grace upon this young man's life is evident and the Lord was setting us up for His Word to us, His empowerment and impartation for the evening! Andre then shared a message entitled, "Lead by the Spirit," in which he spoke to us from Mark 6:1-6. He showed us the importance of honouring God and one another in our lives and how important relationships are to the Holy Spirit. Understanding that honour and obedience to the Holy Spirit are keys to unlocking the supernatural, Andre shared further powerful testimonies of how the Spirit moves when we honour His presence and obey His voice. After sharing his message with us, Andre began to minister to us with God's healing anointing. Words cannot describe the tangible presence of God and the resulting healings that took place. God began healing backs, body pain and releasing people from hindrances to walking in His provision and promises. It was a beautiful, powerful, sanctifying evening that has made a lasting impression on all who were present. We praise God for His faithfulness and for using His servant Andre and Johandre to ignite us with faith and a greater expectation for the manifestation of God's Kingdom in us, among us and beyond! Hallelujah!

Upcoming Events

09.02 - Men's Prayer Breakfast at Leipziger Str.60 at 7:00 
10.02 - Singles' Evening at L60 at 18:30
24.02 - Prayer meeting at L60 at 19:30
25.03 - Healing Service
18 - 21.05 Deep calls to deep Conference with Steve Porter
22 - 24.06 Journey with the Holy Spirit with Edgar Mayer

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