Thursday 1 October 2009


Glory to God!

We are encountering God in our meetings and enjoying true fellowship with Him. On Sunday the Lord spoke to us about a further Kingdom conviction He wants us to have that will affect our way of life to produce Kingdom culture. This is what He showed us:

  • God has created every person to uniquely reveal God in a way that only that individual can.
  • God wants to reveal Himself through the believer so that all that God has placed in the believer is made manifest through him/her.
  • The believer can only reveal God to the degree that s/he has received revelation of God.
  • God wants to reveal Himself through the believer but not replace the uniqueness of the believer's personality! Psalm 139:13-18
  • The Kingdom conviction God wants us to have is: God thinks I am wonderful!
  • When you have the conviction that God thinks you are wonderful, you will stop trying to be someone else to please man or to impress God.
  • Masks are put up when we try to be someone different and hide our true identity and therefore the revelation of God.
  • Walls are erected to protect ourselves from harm and criticism but self-erected walls isolate us from God's revelation and from revealing Him to others.
  • God wants these walls to come down to reveal the Spirit within us for He is our Wall and our Defence. Psalm 91

When we have the conviction that "God thinks I am wonderful" we won't put up masks or walls but will uniquely reveal God in us.

From Monday to Wednesday the leaders of KLF attended another dynamic and Spirit-filled Kingdom Faith leaders' conference in Horsham, England where we encountered God very powerfully and received life-changing revelation and teaching that will take us even further in our relationship with God as a leadership team and as a church. On Wednesday, Richard and Frances were ordained and anointed as pastors of KLF by pastors Clive and Colin Urquhart. Being in covenant relationship with Kingdom Faith means that Kingdom Life is covered by the apostolic anointing on Kingdom Faith and apostle Colin Urquhart. This ordination is a very significant step for KLF as the spiritual leadership of Richard and Frances is established not only in KLF but also in the city of Frankfurt and the nation of Germany. God's order is being established in the Church so that His power and purposes can be unfolded and released through His Body. Hallelujah! We praise God for our relationship with KF and the anointing that is flowing in and through KLF because of our spiritual unity!

Quote of the week:

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well...How precious to me (concerning me) are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!" Psalm 139:13,14,17


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