Wednesday 23 January 2008

Preparing a Banquet for the King!

Glory to God!

The Lord is continuing to speak to us about fellowship with Him. On Sunday the Lord showed us how we need to prepare ourselves before we enter His presence. Looking at Esther 5:1-4, the Lord spoke to us about how we need to approach royalty. We were inspired to prepare a banquet of worship that would satisfy God's hunger for true worship!

We also had our first children's ministry time (Sunday School) for the kids this Sunday that will be available on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. We praise God for providing us with anointed workers who will help build up a Spirit-filled ministry for our Kingdom Kids!

There are a number of exciting events being planned for the coming months so please keep an eye on "upcoming events" on our website.

Also, please check out the "Our Values" document that is now available on our website under "About Us."

We have had word from the "Finanzamt" concerning the "Satzung" for the "Verein." A number of changes and additions are required but we praise God for Claudius Paul of Treffpunkt Leben who is assisting us with the process.

We praise God for adding to our number weekly and taking us into deeper and deeper fellowship with Him.

Quote of the week:

"Just as long as your fellowship is rich and your spiritual life is as flood tide, faith is triumphant." John G. Lake


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